myCNAjobs Team

Caregivers On-Demand is our vision and our mission

We live in a connected world and work in an industry plagued by high caregiver turnover. What does that mean? It means successful caregiver recruitment is part on-demand workforce and part proactive recruitment. myCNAjobs helps companies leverage our tools to tap into ready-to-work companions, home health aides, and nursing aides and auto syndicate jobs across the web. Additionally, we provide ongoing data and insight to help recruiters better understand this population and become more proactive in their recruitment. We're small enough to care and big enough to excel. We're glad you stopped by and welcome you to learn more about our employer solutions or find a local caregiver job opportunity.

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Brandi Kurtyka
Co-Founder & CEO

Learning from our caregiver community and eldercare clients is an extreme privilege - we're able to innovate in an archaic industry…daily!

Nathan Kurtyka
Co-Founder & CTO

It's fun and rewarding to re-imagine what it looks like to connect people with jobs.

Maggie Keen
Customer Success Director

I'm motivated by strategizing with our clients to optimize their caregiver efforts - it's amazing what can be done with a few small tweaks!

Chandler Downs

Nothing is more rewarding than developing new technology to help people find jobs.

Peter Cook
Account Director

I'm able to connect growing companies with caregivers in a more efficient way. It's motivating to watch our customers become more successful and see everyone win in a growing market.

Debra LaRocco
Sr. Account Executive

It's such a privilege to work with those that serve the needs of our aging population - it's what motivates me!

Ashanti Pettaway
Account Executive

The opportunity to truly transform our client's caregiver recruiting motivates me. I'm selling something that matters.

Tom Hastings
Account Executive

Whether it's employers, employees or patients themselves - everyone benefits from our efforts and it's exciting to innovate in an industry that appreciates it.

Dana Mrazek
Administrative Assistant

I believe in the vision and drive of myCNAjobs to help our clients succeed. It is fulfilling to provide support to an incredible community.

Vincent Banea
Customer Success Consultant

The most fulfilling part of my job is helping our clients elevate their recruitment to better connect with caregivers to serve those in need

James Gancer
Account Executive

I love having the opportunity to connect companies with caregivers in a more efficient way using technology and research - it's motivating to actually solve their recruitment challenges.

Brenda McVey
Account Executive

It is my true pleasure being a part of a team whose services and expertise greatly supports those committed to making a positive difference within the senior care community.

Matthew Mobley
Product Designer

Dynamically changing the way the world sees myCNAjobs one visual at a time is an opportunity any creative individual would want.

Michael Hardig
Customer Success Consultant

Finding the right caregiver to watch over your loved ones can be an extremely challenging and stressful process - I'm proud to help our clients quickly connect caregivers to those in need.

Michael Rochelle
Customer Success Consultant

I’m excited to help our clients successfully recruit quality caregivers with new and innovative technology. It’s a great feeling to help those in need.

Kimberly Phillips
Customer Marketing Representative

It's an amazing feeling to be a part of a team dedicated to helping caregivers find careers - we're improving the industry's approach to connecting the best talent with great companies.

Julia Morgownik
Executive Assistant

It's motivating to be a part of such a dynamic team!