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CNA Job Fair with BrightStar Care in St. Charles

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Video Transcription:

Hi guys, Dana here, with myCNAjobs.

I wanted to share a great opportunity for you to get a guaranteed interview with one of our partners, BrightStar Care in St. Charles, IL. Join them Wednesday, June 24 for a career fair at their office. You can meet their key recruiters and learn about all of the different openings they have throughout the area. They’re hiring Certified Nursing Assistants with one year of experience, and offer continuing education, competitive wages, flexible shifts, weekly pay, direct deposit, and much, much, more.

If you’re a CNA looking for a new career opportunity, visit, enter your zip code, find this event, and click RSVP to register. After registering, you’ll receive an email with the address and more information.

Best of luck – we’re rooting for you over here at myCNAjobs.


Has the event already passed? Find more CNA job fairs and jobs for certified nursing assistant here:

Caregiver Job – Best in Social June 22nd

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Happy Monday! Hope you’re enjoying your summer!

Not only is the month of June the start to Summer, it’s also Brain Injury Awareness Month. This month you can spot celebrities such as Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogan wearing purple to shed awareness on Alzheimer’s disease.

This week our “Best in Social” goes to Patty – She’s wearing purple to honor her grandmother who suffered from this horrible disease. We like your style, Patty. Even her nails are purple!

Being a CNA for someone with Alzheimer’s, or other brain injuries, can be frustrating but YOU are making the world a better place!

Are you helping spread awareness in your caregiver job? We want to hear about it! Find us on Facebook or Tell us on Twitter: @myCNAjobs

For more information on other ways you can help #endalz, visit:

Caregiver Job Best in Social – June 15

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Happy Monday, all! This week our Caregiver Job ”Best in Social” goes to Natalie Straszewski.  She’s recognizing all of the hard-working Certified Nursing Assistants during CNA week.

Here’s what she had to say:

Being a CNA isn’t always easy (yet so personally rewarding).  If you’re a CNA reading this today, we salute you.  Thanks for all you do. If you’re not a CNA, find one and give em’ a hug.

Caregiver Job Video: Alzheimer’s Patient Recognizes Daughter

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Alzheimers is an awful disease. It touches not only the ill, but also those who care for them. Alzheimers patients forget their loved ones and their behaviors and attitudes change drastically, creating an emotionally and physically challenging caregiver job for their loved ones.

In the midst of all the darkness, there are bright spots of hope and joy! That’s why I’m sharing this video today. If you’re someone who has been touched by Alzheimer’s, whether through a caregiver job or through friends and family, this video will warm your heart. It’s a mother with Alzheimers and her daughter talking, when suddenly the mother recognizes the daughter for the first time in weeks. It’s beautiful! Ready the tissues!

For family caregivers, these are the moments we live for. Looking for another reason to smile? Check out our blog called Friday Caregiver Job Funny: 85 Year Old BFFS.

Virginia Caregiver Training

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Virginia is for lovers . . . and caregivers. :) This week we’re spending some time discussing the state mandates of Virginia Caregiver Training. As we’ve said, each state is in charge of regulating the specific caregiver training requirements for each type of positions. Some states have a lot of them, others do not. So we’ve gone state by state to make the requirements of each state very clear. This week we’re discussing Virginia Caregiver Training.

Starting with homemaker jobs – state law says that homemakers must complete 16 hours of topic-specific training, followed by 8 hours of CEUs each year.

Home Health Aides (HHAs) must enroll in a 40 hour, state-approved training curriculum, or a certified HHA program of 75 hours. To maintain certification, HHAs must complete 12 hours of CEUs annually.

Finally, Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) must take CNA classes which are approved by the state of Virginia and pass a state-issued exam. Then, to keep working CNA jobs, they must complete 12 hours of CEUs annually.

Next week – Washington! FOUR MORE! :)

In The News: One Nurse Aide’s View Of Her CNA Job

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Recently, The Huffington Post ran an article called Why This Nurse’s Aide Got Up and Went to Work Every Day. It’s the story of Nancy Martin, a woman who was working as a CNA for 10 years until resigning to be a stay at home mom. She explains to a curious and confused reporter how she could possibly stand the long hours, the demanding workload, the occasional lack of respect, and all the other stressors that come with being a CNA.

Martin’s answer was simple – she loves the elderly. Martin gave what I know to be a very typical response to the inquisitive reporter. She spoke of her calling to care for people, her love for her residents, the feeling of friendship and trust between them, and her feeling of gratitude for such a meaningful career. Sound familiar?

Martin’s feelings about her CNA job are the same feelings I hear from all of you! Truly great CNAs are compelled by a sense of calling or purpose that gets them out of bed each morning. They know they were created to care for others and that drives them to do challenging things. It helps them gain perspective, even when they’re being mistreated by families and supervising nurses. It helps them be patient with an especially stubborn resident. It helps them to cope with grief and keep moving forward to care for others. This CNA calling is what keep you going. It’s a mysterious and wonderful thing.

What about you? When did you know you were meant to be in a CNA job? Comment and share your story with us.

For another reminder on why you became a CNA, check out this amazing video put out by SeniorBridge in our blog, SeniorBridge Releases Inspiring Caregiver Job Video.

Vermont Caregiver Training

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We are getting so close to the end of our caregiver training series! This week we’re focused on Vermont Caregiver Training and all the specific qualifications caregivers must have to work in the state. Let’s talk about Vermont’s training requirements for Personal Care Assistants/Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants.

The state requires agencies to educate Personal Care Assistants (PCAs) with client-specific training. This means that the agency must provide the caregiver training needed to care for a client with Alzheimer’s, or training for a client who can’t walk. Training will vary with each client’s case.

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in Vermont must complete a state registered CNA school in order to legally work CNA jobs. Following certification, CNAs must complete 12 hours of Continuing Education Units each year.

Those are the legal requirements of Vermont Caregiver Training. Stay tuned for Virginia!

What You Need to Consider When Choosing a CNA School

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If you’re considering taking the next step in your nursing career via CNA training, we’re here to help. The first thing you’ll need to do is choose a CNA school that fits your needs and goals. Not sure how to go about that? Simply follow these 4 easy steps to CNA job success!

Step One – Find all CNA programs that are offered in your local area. Our CNA Class Finder is the easiest way to do so. Just type in your zip code and you’ll see all the programs for certified nursing assistants near you!

Step Two – Contact nearby schools and find out prices for their programs. Know your budget ahead of time and find a program that fits your financial needs. Always be sure to ask about scholarships and grants that may be available.

Step Three – Ask questions about the curriculum. Be sure the program is state-approved, meeting all caregiver training requirements, and that it will properly prepare you for the type of CNA job you plan to pursue.

Step Four – Find out about job placement rates for the program. Some CNA schools will have a system in place to help you find a job after graduation.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to achieve CNA school success. Interested in learning more about free CNA programs? Read our recent blog entitled Another FREE CNA School!

Working as a CNA: How to Get Along With the Head Nurse

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Are you working a CNA job that involves working closely with the head nurse? Are you and a handful of other certified nursing assistants in competition to get on the nurse’s good side and win her approval? Here are some tips for your CNA job on how to get along with the head nurse.

1. Be at work! If you can help it, don’t call out. Calling out regularly is very damaging to a nurse aide’s reputation. It sours the head nurse towards you because they have to pick up the slack and find someone to cover for you. Avoid calling out whenever possible.

2. Alert the nurse to vital information immediately. If you observe something of importance in your patient’s condition, tell the head nurse asap. This way, she doesn’t find out at the end of her shift that your patient has a fever and you never told her. She will appreciate hearing from you right away.

3. Don’t complain about tasks. If you’re assigned to a particularly unpleasant work duty, be sure to hold your tongue and do your work. You never know if your complaints will reach the ears of your supervisor – and nothing annoys a head nurse like a whiner.

4. Take the initiative on CNA job tasks. If you see supplies running out, reorder them. If you notice an unmade bed, make it. There are a lot of tasks you can do without being told that will seriously impress your supervising nurse.

5. Be humble yet confident. This is a delicate balance. Being humble means you don’t act like you’re better than all the other certified nursing assistants. It means you acknowledge your weaknesses and work on them. Being humble does NOT mean speaking ill of yourself even when you know better. You can be confident and humble! Sure of yourself, but not braggy. Any human, including your head nurse, will appreciate this behavior.

Being a CNA is a competitive business. Follow these 5 steps to set yourself apart and stand out to the head nurse. It always helps to be trusted and appreciated by your supervisors.

Are you in nursing school? Have you considered a job as a CNA to get ahead? Check out our blog on Nursing Students in CNA Jobs.

A Heartwarming Caregiver Job Story

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Has your caregiver job been weighing heavy on you this week? Need to be reminded why you love working with the elderly? Well if you love cute kids and sweet elderly men, you are going to melt when you watch this video.

To summarize, its news coverage of a real-life friendship between a 3-year-old boy and a 89-year-old WWII veteran. They hang out every day and love spending time together. If you have a heart (which being a caregiver implies) you’re going to love this! Check it out:

Adorable, huh? The Certified Nursing Assistant who looks after Erling better do a FANTASTIC job! He deserves the best.

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