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My Funniest CNA Job Story – Evoni V.

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Funniest CNA story . . . where do I start? There are so many moments working as a CNA when you have to just laugh. But one of my funniest stories comes from a time when I was working in a nursing home and I was in the middle of giving care and administering a stool softener. Yes, a stool softener. Needless to say. one of the CNAs got the surprise of their life. You know what’s coming next don’t you? Well, you guessed it! The patient couldn’t hold it in any longer and as they yelled, “Bombs away!” The caregiver behind them was in for a treat. Hey, being a CNA is sometimes a crappy job . . . literally!

I’m so lucky that I was in front of the patient and not on the receiving end of the surprise. Maybe not the cleanest day at my CNA job, but definitely a day of laughs and smiles. I always say having a good sense of humor and a pair of spare scrubs in your locker is all you need to make the day go smoothly.

Another moment that brings a smile to my face is remembering the prom night we hosted for the residents. On prom day residents are pampered like the kings and queens they are, while helping them get all dolled up with make-up, dresses, and suits, one of the female patients began to get super excited which made my co-workers and myself giddy. We lined them up in the entryway so that their dates (who were local female and male Marines) could escort them in. The music began to play and the dance floor started getting crowded. As I walked around making sure everyone was good, I noticed the same patient on the dance floor with two male Marines having the time of her life! As I passed by she said “ I’m gonna get lucky tonight!” Color me red cause all I could say is “You just may!”

Oregon Caregiver Training

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Oregon state – home to the city of Portland, Mt. Hood, beautiful scenery, and Oregon Caregiver Training. We’re continuing on in our series to cover all the caregiver training requirements of all fifty states. This week, we discuss what is required of caregivers, HHAs, PCAs, and CNAs working in Oregon.


First of all, Oregon Caregiver Training requires in-home caregivers to complete 6 hours on initial training on topics specific to their work situation and client. After that, caregivers must fulfill 6 hours of CEs each year in order to continue working caregiver jobs in the state.


Next, CNAs (Certified Nursing Assistants) – these caregivers must attend a state-sanctioned CNA school where they’ll learn how to provide assistance to an RN in care facility. In order to maintain certification, CNAs must complete 12 hours of CEs annually.


That’s it for caregiver training in Oregon! Stayed tuned for Pennsylvania through Wyoming!

My Funniest CNA Job Story – Sarrah O.

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Being a CNA has given me a lot of hilarious stories to tell, but today I’ll share just two of my favorites.


Story #1:

I remember last year at my CNA job I was assigned to shower this one 74 year old man, and I recall being so nervous about showering him because all of my co-workers had told me that he was a very grouchy and difficult resident.


After I convinced him to get into the shower everything was been going smoothly and I thought to myself that he wasn’t so bad after all. After I had wiped down most of his body with soap I asked him if he wanted me to wash his privates or if he wanted to take care of it himself. He shouted, ”Those are no longer called my privates, Missy!” I was worried I had upset him, so I asked him what they are called and to my surprise he winked at me, gave me a big smile and told me, “They are now called my publics!” I couldn’t help but laugh with him.


After that, I always enjoyed getting assigned to him because I actually understood his sense of humor. When everyone else had misunderstood him as a grouchy and difficult man, I gave him a chance and we got along well. That’s just part of working as a CNA.


Story #2:

At one of my past CNA jobs I was working with a patient in the memory care unit in our facility. She was 96 years old and well into the deeper stages of dementia. What really shocked me about her was no matter how old and weak she was, it never occurred to her to relax – she was always on a mission.

One night, I finally got to spend a few minutes of quality time with her after attempt #30 (or maybe it just felt like it was the 30th time) to convince her to try and get some sleep. After putting her to bed she told me ”You know, you need to find yourself a nice good-looking young man to settle down with.” I smiled and asked her if she had ever found herself a good-looking man. She quickly replied, ”Well, obviously not! Look at all these wrinkly old men I keep seeing around me, why do you think I’m trying to find my way back home where all the young men my age are!?” I couldn’t help but laugh – I guess I finally understood her true mission.

Visiting Angels Jobs (Caregiver, CNA, HHA)

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A national, private duty home care network of agencies, Visiting Angels is the nation’s leading provider of non-medical senior home care services. They extend services such as in-home care, elder care, respite care, senior personal care, companion services and elderly care. The company is growing rapidly and has a vast network of offices across the country, providing care to thousands of clients.

Where can you find Visiting Angels caregiver jobs?

Visiting Angels is a nationally-known and well-established home care agency hiring caregivers all over the country. You can find caregiver, companion, PCA, HHA, and CNA jobs at Visiting Angels.

Why should you work as a caregiver for Visiting Angels?

Visiting Angels home health aide jobs offer competitive pay rates, training opportunities, flexible scheduling, paid time-off, and much more!

Apply for Visiting Angels Jobs:

Search for job openings with Visiting Angels by applying through their company website. We also recommend you search local caregiver / CNA / HHA Jobs in your area and browse for the job that will best fit your career goals. Fill out a caregiver job application and be instantly considered for all open positions that you’re qualified for.

Touching Hearts at Home Jobs (Caregiver, CNA, HHA)

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Started in Minneapolis in 1996, Touching Hearts at Home is a non-medical home care company dedicated to providing excellent care and companionship services to the aging and disabled. Through their services, they seek to enable clients to remain independent in their homes for as long as possible, as well as provide comfort and rest for family members.

Where can you find Touching Hearts at Home caregiver jobs? 

CNA jobs at Touching Hearts at Home are scattered all over the US, with opportunities for caregiver, HHAs, PCAs, and more! As a caregiver with Touching Hearts at Home, you will work in the homes of elderly patients.

Why should you work as a caregiver for Touching Hearts at Home?

According to the company itself, Touching Hearts at Home home health aide jobs provide an exciting compensation package, which includes:
- Flexible schedules
- Positive work atmosphere
- Competitive pay
- Continual support
- Part-time and full-time hours

Apply for Touching Hearts at Home Jobs:

Pursue employment with Touching Hearts by applying through their company website. You may also search local caregiver / CNA / HHA Jobs in your area and fill out a caregiver job application, making you instantly visible to hiring managers in your region.

Synergy HomeCare Jobs (Caregiver, CNA, HHA)

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Synergy HomeCare specializes in providing excellent in-home care for those coping with the effects of aging. Synergy offers home care, respite care for family caregivers, assistance with errands and transportation, meal assistance, companionship, and live-in care options. They seek to give family members peace of mind, while empowering the senior with the respect and independence they deserve, even late in life.


Where can you find Synergy caregiver jobs?

You can find caregiver, HHA and CNA jobs at Synergy all throughout the US. Caregiver jobs are typically in the homes of seniors needing assistance with day-to-day activities. Contact your local branch and check for caregiver job openings.


Why should you work as a caregiver for Synergy?

There are many benefits for Synergy home health aide jobs. According to their website, some of these benefits include:
- Flexible work schedules to accommodate your lifestyle.
- Ongoing training that enhances your professional growth.
- Environment built on trust and effective communication.


Apply for Synergy Jobs:

To apply for Synergy HomeCare jobs, check out their company website. Additionally, you can search local caregiver / CNA / HHA Jobs in your area and fill out a caregiver job application, making you instantly visible to hiring managers in your region.

Want to learn about other types of home care jobs? Download the full home care job guide.

When Life Hands You A Family Caregiver Job

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My family got some heavy news this week. My soon to be brother-in-law Matt – a young, healthy, twenty-one year old – found out he has cancer. Which is just terrible. None of us could believe it, especially his fiance (my sister), Casey. But just like that, without her filling out an application or even expressing a desire, life handed her a caregiver job.


Casey wasn’t looking for a caregiver job, but she has one now, because she loves Matt and wants to help him in whatever ways she can. Such is the nature of every family caregiver job. A loved one gets ill and suddenly you’re not just a son, daughter, sister, brother . . . you’re  a caregiver. You have no training, no past experience – just a heart to care for the one you love.


And that can be an intimidating task. No doubt you’re full of questions, insecurities, anxiety, and confusion. How am I going to keep my job and care for my loved one? What if something happens and I don’t have the training or experience to deal with it? How can I do this without burning out?


Family caregivers need SUPPORT. They need someone to come alongside them and give advice, provide training, and most importantly, give them a day off! If this support is not naturally-occurring for you, consider other options! There are state-funded programs out there that are designed to support the growing number of family caregivers. (See our recent blog on a new bill to benefit family caregivers in PA.) There are adult daycare options to give you one or two days off a week. There are Caregiver Resource Centers to explore and learn helpful tips from. And there are Family Caregiver forums where people in similar situations can share stories, give advice and support one another in their work.

Family caregiver, you are not alone! Take care of your loved one, but also take care of yourself. That’s the only way to be a truly effective caregiver. Keep caring!

Alzheimer’s and the Family Caregiver Job

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Some people choose to a caregiver job. For others, it’s simply handed to them by life’s circumstances. Thus, America is full of family caregivers – people whose relatives or loved ones need their constant care in order to function well.


One of the main diseases dealt with by family caregivers is Alzheimer’s. As loved ones lose their memory and normal cognitive function, they require increased supervision and care. And this can be a stressful task for someone who is trying to work another job, raise kids, and run a home in addition to caring for their loved one. Alzheimer’s produces feeling of worry and anxiety in caregivers. Will my dad stay at home if I run over to the neighbors? Will he recognize me today? What if he gets confused and angry again?


One major worry for Alzheimer’s caregivers is that they will wander from home, forget how to return and find themselves lost. They may not even be able to tell helpful passerby where they came from, or even their basic information. That’s why four communities in central Maine have worked together to create The Wanderers Database.


For those with family caregiver jobs, The Wanderers Database can provide much-needed peace of mind for their loved one’s safety. This program allows police to access information about those who may be prone to wandering (provided by their families). If a person in the database goes missing, police can instantly disseminate pictures, personal and medical information to surrounding police units, allowing for a faster and more effective search. Read more about the Maine-based program here.


The Wanderers Database is just one example of a world adjusting to a growing elderly population. And we’re glad for anything that makes our family caregivers’ lives a bit easier! They deserve it.


If you’re a family caregiver looking for some support and advice, visit our Familial Caregiving forum, where caregivers can interact and give advice. Additionally, visit our Caregiver Resource Center which is chock-full of helpful and exciting ways to improve your caregiving skills!

The ABCs of Preventing Caregiver Burnout

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We all know that caregiver jobs can be exhausting. You spend all day pouring your heart into caring for someone else, and often times it’s difficult work filled with grief and struggle. You come home and you’re beat. It’s hard to do anything other than the bare minimum and flop into bed. This kind of life, with high stress levels and no relief, can lead straight to caregiver burnout.


But don’t panic, there are clear-cut, simple ways to take care of yourself and steer clear of caregiver burnout. I call them the ABCs of Preventing Caregiver Burnout!


Ask for help – Humans are not made to do life alone! We, as people, need each other and the same goes for caregivers. If you are feeling the burden of your CNA job beginning to drag you down, talk to someone! Ask for help. It may be help from a friend who will watch you kids once a week so that you can take a break. Or a relative who makes dinner occasionally. Or it may be a counselor who is able to coach you through your emotions and inner struggles.


Be “selfish” occasionally – Okay, let me clarify. As a caregiver, you’re prone to see the needs of others ahead of your own – which is very noble! But be sure to remind yourself that your needs are important too, and if they are not met, you cannot care for others So, take some time every week to focus on you and what you need to rejuvenate your soul. Read a book, go on a walk, paint, sing – do whatever it is that relaxes and renews you.


Create nutritious meals – Eating healthy is a key part of feeling good and staying energized and motivated! One of the effects of caregiver stress is overeating. Just say no – it only makes things worse. Eating healthy foods will keep you from getting sick, give you more energy, and just make you feel better all day long!


Do get some sleep – You will not function well for very long if you’re neglecting sleep. Caregiver jobs require you to be mentally with-it and ready for anything. That means you better not be yawning every 30 seconds. That means that as an average adult, you need 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep each night.


Exercise often – I know, the last thing anyone wants to do after a long day at work is go on a run or head to the gym, but exercise is so key in keeping your energy levels high and your body in good caregiving condition. If you’re a morning person, you can always squeeze in a workout before heading to work. Find a time that works for you and stick to it!


There you go, caregivers! Staying healthy and avoiding burnout is as easy as ABC. Stay well!


TIP: Laughing is another great way to prevent caregiver burnout, so check out last week’s Friday Caregiver Job Funny!

SeniorBridge Releases Inspiring Caregiver Job Video

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Recently, our partners at SeniorBridge Home Care created a truly touching video documenting the challenges and triumphs of caregivers and their clients. The video shows moving footage of seniors and their families coming face-to-face with the dilemmas of aging, and how SeniorBridge steps into the gap and brings assistance (through a variety of caregiver jobs) and much-needed peace of mind.

Watch the video below (and if you’re a sap like me, have some tissues ready):

This video reveals the heart of SeniorBridge . . . compassionate, personalized care that changes lives for the better. It’s no wonder caregivers from all over the country are seeking out SeniorBridge caregiver jobs. Careers at SeniorBridge are rich with purpose and meaning. Their CNA jobs offer a supportive, encouraging work environment, where staff and team collaborate to bring seniors the best possible care.

SeniorBridge caregivers are making a difference in the lives of clients and caregivers. They offer training and career growth programs, flexible scheduling,the ability to work near your own house, 401k benefits, paid vacations, and a roster of really amazing clients throughout the nation.  And there are openings now – browse through SeniorBridge caregiver jobs and see if any openings interest you.

And official kudos to the SeniorBridge team on the amazing video!

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