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Guava Healthcare Inc. Jobs (CNA, HHA, Caregiver)

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Guava Healthcare offers a full continuum of home healthcare services, providing both medical and non-medical in-home care. Guava offers personal care services such as transitional care, disability care, respite care, and transportation services. They also provide in-home skilled care for those who require medical attention in the home. Additionally, Guava offers pediatric care for children with illness, disability, or who just require more attention. Guava also offers staffing services to local nursing homes, assisted living, and hospitals.


Where can you find Guava Healthcare caregiver jobs?
CNA jobs at Griswold Home Care can currently be found in New Mexico, Minnesota, and South Carolina where they offer home care positions, as well as assisted living and hospital positions.


Why should you work as a caregiver for Guava Healthcare?
There are many reasons to pursue Guava home health aide jobs. They offer the chance to start a meaningful, fulfilling career with a well-established, respected home care agency. Also, Guava offers all its employees supplemental training to help you succeed on the job.


How can you Apply for Guava Healthcare Jobs?
To find a Guava caregiver job, contact one of their three branches and inquire about openings. Also, search local caregiver / CNA / HHA Jobs in your area and complete one caregiver job application to be immediately considered for a multitude of positions for which you qualify.

Want to learn about other types of home care jobs? Download the full home care job guide.

Friday Caregiver Job Funny

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One of the most important things to do at a caregiver job is LAUGH. That’s why when I come across a hilarious video, I throw a “Friday Funny” into the blog every now and then. This week I found a great clip of two elderly women who have been best friends for 94 years! I’m sure some of you know women just like this from your caregiver jobs.

In this video, the crew asks the ladies to comment on certain pop culture references. You can probably already imagine the hilarious results. ;) Check it out!

Happy Friday!

Why Get a CNA Job Before Nursing School?

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We’ve had lots of aspiring nursing students ask us questions like, “If I want to go to nursing school, Is it worth the time and money for me to go to CNA school and get a CNA job?”


People have heard through the grapevine that there’s some kind of advantage to becoming a CNA before you attend nursing school – and that’s because it’s true! We are certainly not claim that a Certified Nursing Assistant path is right for everyone, but we are going to highlight the advantages to this strategy to help answer this question. Here’s the top 3 reasons why a wanna-be nurse should consider a CNA job.


Reason #1 – Experience. As a CNA, you’ll interact with nurses who are in the place you hope to be. You’ll better understand their role in the facility and you’ll learn a lot of the basic skills they know from working your CNA job. When you begin your first day as a nurse, you won’t feel totally lost and confused because you’ll be able to draw from your CNA experience.


Reason #2 – Admissions. These days nursing school admissions can be pretty competitive. You’ll need something to make you stand out, show you have experience, and prove that you’re passionate about the field. Having a CNA job under your belt can be the advantage you need to gain entry to your top-choice school.


Reason #3 – Confirmation. If anywhere in your heart or mind there is that lingering question, “Is healthcare right for me?”, being a CNA will clear it up! As a CNA, you’ll experience the day-in and day-out lives of nurses and you’ll quickly discover if it’s your passion – or not. You can save yourself thousands of dollars by experimenting before attending nursing school, or you can enter with a robust sense of confidence that nursing is you calling.


And there you have it! The top 3 reasons why you should get a CNA job before nursing school! As we’ve said, it’s not the right path for everyone, one size does not fit all, but it is something worth considering.


What do you think? Is it a good call to become a CNA before attending nursing school? Comment below and share your opinions and experiences – we want to hear from you!

Nebraska Caregiver Training

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This week we focus on Nebraska Caregiver Training. Though it’s not necessary the most famous or memorable state (I personally, didn’t know where it was located until I looked it up on the map yesterday), Nebraska has caregiver training requirements that are just as important as all other states. Depending on your position, according to state law, there are certain levels of training you must go through before you can be hired.


As a Personal Care Aide (PCA) in Nebraska, you’ll need to complete topic-based training to display that you can offer the necessary level of care. PCAs must also complete annual competency training to ensure their ongoing success in their work.


Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) must complete a state-approved CNA class where they’ll learn all the necessary nursing skills for long-term patient care in a CNA job. Every year following, CNAs must complete 12 hours of CEs to ensure maintenance of knowledge and skills.


And that’s it for Nebraska Caregiver Training! Always remember to ask your specific agency what their unique requirements are – they may require more than the state. Next week – Nevada!

Helpful Tip For Your First Day At Your CNA Job – Round Two

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A while back I offered a helpful hint for the first day on a CNA job. It wasn’t long after that I realized I had a couple more up my sleeve – so this is helpful CNA job tip #2! And there will be more to come. :)


This week, I thought it would be important to focus on the differences between each agency or company you may be working for. Obviously, I don’t have a working knowledge of every single health care company out there, but I do know the important subjects every Certified Nursing Assistant should have an idea of.


On your first day working as a CNA, you’ll want to learn the ground rules and employment issues for your specific company. These are variables that change depending on the company. Sometimes you can find them in a handbook, others you may need to ask a supervisor where to look. I’ve compiled a list of questions every nurses aide should ask:


1. How do you get ahold of your boss and who do you turn to for questions?

2. If you’re working a homecare caregiver job, will someone personally introduce you to the client?

3. What’s your review schedule and the best way to get answers to your questions in the future?

4. If you’re ever sick, what’s the best procedure to let your employer know?

5. Is there a way to connect with other CNAs?  Working a CNA job isn’t always easy and sometimes having the opportunity to talk with other certified nursing assistants, can reduce caregiver burnout.


Having a basic knowledge of these kinds of policies can save you a lot of headaches down the road and eliminate unpleasant surprises (These are things they don’t teach in CNA class)


We know being a CNA isn’t always easy, but we here at myCNAjobs do our best to help in any way we can! Comment and let us know if you need tips or advice, and let your fellow CNAs give their two cents! Maybe we’ll write a blog on it!

Weekly Highlight: CNA Jobs in Denver

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This week we’ve chosen to highlight caregiver jobs in Denver, Colorado! Here at myCNAjobs we have tons and tons of caregiver and CNA jobs all over the nation, so we thought we’d break it down a little and just focus on one city at a time.


Jobs for caregivers in Denver are booming and there are tons of exciting opportunities available right now! Below we’ll list just a few of the hundreds of caregiver jobs available right here on this website. Take some time to find the one that’s right for you.


1. Home Helpers Senior Care, a top rated home care agency nationwide, is hiring caregivers and PCAs to work in the homes of clients in Louisville, CO. They offer all members of their team exciting benefits which include paid time-off, competitive pay rates, flexible scheduling to meet your unique needs, and more! To learn more and apply, visit their caregiver job ad here.


2. FirstLight HomeCare in Boulder, CO is looking to hire multiple caregiver-companions to work not only in Boulder, but also with clients in the Broomfield area. Caregivers assist the elderly in their homes with daily living activities, transportation, and more. In return, FirstLight offers exciting benefits that include competitive wages, short commute times, paid-training, and more. Check out the caregiver job opportunity here.


3. Homewatch Caregivers has openings for caregivers in the Englewood area that offer competitive pay plus bonuses, a stellar training program open to all, supportive staff, and more. Rated “Best of Home Care” by Home Care Pulse, Homewatch Caregivers has a reputation of excellence both with clients and among employees. Read more about this caregiver job opportunity here.

Keep in mind that it’s not just these three caregiver jobs – there are hundreds of caregiver, CNA, and HHA jobs in Denver and you can always browse them right here.

Helpful Tip For Your First Day At Your CNA Job

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No matter what the job, the first day can always a bit stressful. And when it comes to being a CNA, that statement rings true. For inexperienced Certified Nursing Assistants, there’s a lot to take in and a lot to figure out. Hopefully your CNA class prepared you well for your duties and tasks, but there’s more to a CNA job than that. You’re learning about the place your work and the people you work with – it’s a lot for anyone.


Here’s a tip – Carry a little notebook with you all day (or for our mobile friendly caregivers, take notes on your phone)!. Jot down the things you think you may need to remember and any questions that come up during the day. It’s useful for remembering names, resident phone numbers, policies, procedures, and all of the details that may overwhelm you on day one. You can refer back to your notes throughout the day and as a bonus, the more you jot down, the more likely you are to actually remember it!

Working as a CNA gets easier as time goes on. Not everyday will be as mentally strenuous as the first one. But a nurses aide does have a lot on his/her mind, so that notebook may become a permanent fixture. ;) Hey, whatever you gotta do to do your best work!

Top Five CNA Job Stories That Make Us Laugh

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Recently, we’ve been asking around for people’s funniest CNA job experiences – because, I don’t know about you, but I could use a good laugh! The responses we received did not disappoint. It would be selfish of us to not share them with you. ;)


#5 -

On my first day of work in an assisted living home, I was talking over a resident’s care plan with my supervisor and I noticed a lady poking her head around the door peeking at us. I was distracted, but my supervisor just said, “Oh that’s Mrs. Smith, she’s a nice lady, don’t worry about her.” But after a few more glances around the corner, Mrs. Smith came in in a tizzy. She said “Nurse! Nurse! Please help!” So I ran over to her and asked what I could do. She continued, “Nurse, please help me, you’re new here aren’t you? Well I’m just having the hardest time with something and I just can’t get it. Please help me.” Worried, I asked her if she was hurt. She responded “Oh dear, no! I can’t remember the old actress whose favorite line was “come and see me sometime.” Relieved that she wasn’t hurt, I sighed and told her “The actress is Mae West and the line is ‘Hey big boy, come up and see me sometime.’” Mrs. Smith’s mouth dropped and she hollered “By God, that’s it! That’s Mae West! You’re right, dear! You’re so smart, you’ll do great here!” She hugged me and started down the hallway singing “come up and see me sometime.”


#4 -

I went to check on one of the male patients on my floor. His name was Larry and he was quite a character. Anyway, I went in there and he was pulling on his iv tube, like a fishing reel, claiming he’d “caught a big one!” and asked me if I’d grab him a net so that he could “pull this sucker in.”


#3 -

One night, I was at work on my psych floor when this timid woman called me into her room. I walked through the door and immediately was overpowered by the smell of feces. It was AWFUL. The little woman shyly told me that a few minutes ago a woman from across the hall had come into her room, opened a dresser drawer, relieved herself into it, then went back to bed. I tried so to sympathize and not bust up laughing.


#2 -

One of the female residents at the facility where I work was about to turn 100, so we’d planned this big party. On the day, I noticed she seemed pretty unexcited about the festivities, so I asked her if she knew how old she was. She said no and asked how old she was. When I told her she was 100, she responded with a quick, “Well then it’s no wonder I’m so tired!”


#1 -

I was working as a nurse aide in the ER a few years ago and one night a patient came in claiming he had a bug in his ear. The doctor on duty was deathly afraid of bugs, poor guy. So he tried to see in the ear with just his eyes, but he didn’t see anything. He grabbed otoscope to check it out and lo and behold – a live cockroach was nestled in the man’s ear. The poor doctor went white as a sheet, exited the room, and bent over the counter with his head in his hands. I offered to help, but he valiantly said no, he would remove it, and stood up and walked back in, tweezers in hand. He plucked the cockroach out successfully, but dropped it on the floor as soon as he saw it, and that bug crawled RIGHT UP THE DOC’S PANT LEG!


The poor man freaked out and went running around the halls shaking his legs and hitting himself incessantly. He finally shook the bug out and squashed it with his shoe. He immediately looked up at me, who had seen the whole thing and said “Do NOT say anything about this,” then walked back into the room to apologize to the patient.

Griswold Home Care Jobs (Caregiver, CNA, HHA)

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Griswold Home Care is a nation-wide home care agency, specializing in providing quality in-home care to clients all over the US. Their services include personal care, homemaking services, live-in and overnight care, and companion services. Griswold extends their care services to the elderly, disabled, those recovering from surgery, in hospice, and more.
Where are Griswold Home Care caregiver jobs located? 
Griswold Home Care has locations in almost all fifty states, offering a multitude location for CNA jobs at Griswold Home Care. Griswold caregivers work in the homes of one or more clients, helping them to remain as independent and safe as possible.
Why would you want to work as a caregiver for Griswold Home Care?
Griswold Home Care home health aide jobs receive exciting benefits. Some of these listed on Griswold’s company website include:
- Earn top wages within the home care industry
- You are your own boss – choose the home care opportunities that suit your lifestyle, schedule and skills
- A range of client home care schedule requests including: intermittent hourly, daily hourly, short-term post-hospital, weekend, overnight awake or overnight with sleep and live-in home care cases.
How you can Apply for Griswold Home Care Jobs:
To find caregiver jobs with Griswold, search their company website for opportunities. You may also search local caregiver / CNA / HHA Jobs in your area and browse numerous local caregiver job opportunities available there. Fill out one caregiver job application to be immediately considered for all care positions.
Want to learn about other types of home care jobs? Download the full home care job guide.

Golden Heart Senior Care Jobs (Caregiver, CNA, HHA)

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Golden Heart Senior Care is a home care agency working with clients both in their homes and in assisted living communities. They provide in-home, non-medical care to seniors allowing them to live a full and comfortable life in the familiar setting of home. The offer care that ranges from a few hours each week to 24-hour care, and offer a wide variety of services including Alzheimer’s and Dementia care.
Where are Golden Heart Senior Care caregiver jobs located? 
Golden Heart has locations in 16 different states, with over 25 offices. CNA jobs at Golden Heart Senior Care are mostly in the homes of clients in various locations throughout the country.
Why would you want to work as a caregiver for Golden Heart Senior Care?
Golden Heart Senior Care home health aide jobs offer the chance to work on a supportive, encouraging team of health care professionals. Golden Heart Senior Care provides its caregivers with the support and tools they need to advance and succeed in their careers!
Apply for Golden Heart Senior Care Jobs:
Seeking a Golden Heart caregiver job? Check out their corporate website, or search local caregiver / CNA / HHA Jobs on our site and browse the numerous local caregiver job opportunities available there. Fill out one caregiver job application and be considered for all nearby openings!
Want to learn about other types of home care jobs? Download the full home care job guide.

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