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Deserving Caregivers Receive the Opportunity of a Lifetime – Thanks ABC CNA Training Center!

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Hi everyone, Patti here to share some exciting news with you! ABC CNA Training Center awarded their second CNA Scholarship for their June enrollment period. The myCNAjobs Scholarship Team is thrilled to welcome Terrell H. from Queens,NY and  Audrey S. from New York, NY to our program.

Terrell H. applied not too long before his outstanding application was noticed by our Scholarship Team. After speaking to Terrell and realizing his eagerness to change his life I knew we had to award him the scholarship. Terrell has always had an interest in the healthcare field. Ever since high school he has been taking caregiver courses that will ultimately lead him to his dream of being a registered nurse. Terrell is also a youth, health and wellbeing advocate in his community. Not only is healthcare a big part of his life but he is also very passionate about it. Hearing that he received this scholarship, Terrell was overjoyed and ready to finally have a place to begin his career in healthcare.

Audrey S. impressed our Scholarship Team with her story. Audrey has had extensive training in the caregiver field, she took care of her mother for about five years during which she realized that caregiving was her calling. She learned how to administer shots and properly make her mother as comfortable as possible. She hopes to one day be able to make a difference in people’s lives along with bringing pride to ABC Training Center. Her ability to be patient and caring made her the perfect candidate for this scholarship. Audrey has expressed her gratitude for this opportunity to both ABC Training Center and MyCNAjobs.

Both Terrell and Audrey will be starting the CNA training program on June 27th! The staff at ABC Training Center is very excited to have two more caregivers join their program.

Our team here at myCNAjobs believes it is extremely rewarding to see such passionate individuals finally fulfilling their dreams and seeing them make an impact on the healthcare community. We cannot wait to see how many lives Terrell and Audrey can change and how great they will do in this program.

Once they finish training we will also help them find a job. How exciting right?

Stay tuned for more on Terrell’s and Audrey’s great stories and how classes are going for them!

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We Asked, You Answered! The 2016 Caregiver Choice Award Results are In!

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It’s that time again! myCNAjobs is excited to announce the 2016 Caregiver Choice Awards. myCNAjobs wanted to hear from all of you caregivers, certified nursing assistants, and home health aides on the frontline, to get your feedback on which assisted living and home health agencies are the best places to work in the healthcare field.

We asked where YOU enjoy working and you answered! Check out the results:

Highest Ranked Home Care Agencies with 50+ Locations:

  • · Visiting Angels
  • · Senior Helpers
  • · BrightStar Care
  • · Comfort Keepers
  • · Home Care Assistance
  • · Home Instead
  • · Right At Home
  • · Assisting Hands
  • · Interim HealthCare
  • · Humana SeniorBridge

Highest Ranked Assisted Living Facilities with 50+ Locations:

  • · Sunrise Senior Living
  • · Brookdale
  • · Genesis HealthCare
  • · Five Star Quality Care
  • · HCR ManorCare
  • · Life Care Centers of America
  • · Signature HealthCare
  • · Golden Living
  • · Atria Senior Living
  • · Meridian Senior Living

We would love to hear your feedback! If you have worked as a caregiver or are interested in working as a caregiver, CNA, or HHA in one of the Caregiver Choice ‘Best Places to Work’, please let us know! Oh, and keep up the good work, caregivers; myCNAjobs appreciates all of the great care you provide.

A Young CNA’s Experience at Quality CNA/CMA Classes

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Happy Friday! Chanelle here ready to share some exciting news! I was able to catch up with one of our most aspiring scholarship recipients, Kiley G. about her experience at Quality CNA/CMA Class’s CNA program.

Based out of Omaha, NE Quality CNA/CMA Classes offered a full-tuition free scholarship to Kiley to attend their spring 2016 CNA class schedule. When I spoke with Kiley, she expressed how grateful she was to be given this opportunity. She continued to tell me, ‘the classes were very interesting and feels like she is learned a lot.’ Kiley recently completed the required 76 hour program, which included on-site instruction, training and testing with flying colors. That sounds like a ton of information and training done within such a short time! Way to go Kiley!

Chad Seim, Program Director of Quality CNA/CMA Classes, was thrilled to have such a young and inspiring student apart of their program. He believes that Kiley is set out on the right path to make a difference in our healthcare industry. Us here at myCNAjobs couldn’t agree more with Chad.

Kiley continued the phone call by explaining to me that her favorite part about the program was being able to practice real life situations on the mannequins in class. She was taught by a fantastic instructor who always presented positive energy towards the 40 person class. Kiley added that she now hopes to find a job in a local Omaha hospital to gain more experience as she furthers her education.

myCNAjobs is very proud of Kiley for being so motivated and making an impact within the Omaha healthcare community. Doesn’t she look awesome in her myCNAjobs branded scrubs? We can’t wait to see all that you will do in your future, remember this is only the beginning of a very exciting journey. Kiley finished the conversation by mentioning that she would recommend Quality CNA/CMA program to anyone looking to become a certified nursing assistant. She even said that she will be attending the school’s medical aid class this July!

To apply for the myCNAjobs scholarship program, you can fill out an application here. Otherwise, check out more news about our other scholarship winners.

Monthly Scholarships Offered at Larock Healthcare Academy

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Are you passionate about caregiving? Do you want to further your education? Is there a specific sector of healthcare that most interests you? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, myCNAjobs encourages you to apply on our Scholarship Page for the chance to receive a tuition-free CNA Scholarship. Hi all, it’s Maggie here from the scholarship team and we have had another scholarship recipient go through a STNA training program in Columbus, OH. Qurshira B. just finished up her two week course at Larock Healthcare Academy and I had the chance to talk with her after the first week of the program to touch base.


Qurshira loves working in healthcare and enjoys helping others who are unable to help themselves. Qurshira has been employed in this industry for several years but thought it was time to continue her education by going through a STNA program. After she passes the state exam and gains more experience, Qurshira has a strong aspiration to get into medical billing.


Larock Healthcare Academy provides their students with great instructors who want to see their students succeed. Qurshira and her 11 other classmates have had two weeks packed with learning new material in addition to their clinical, which provides a more hands-on experience.


Larock’s two-week course has ended and their next one will be starting in June. Qurshira, we are very happy that you enjoyed your time at Larock and are excited to see what your future has in store for you. MyCNAjobs wishes you the best of luck on your state exam!


Monthly scholarships will be given for those who are interested in going through a STNA course in Columbus, OH. We encourage you to apply for a myCNAjobs Scholarship and to research Larock Healthcare Academy.

A Passionate Caregiver Receives a myCNAjobs Scholarship and Starts Classes at Larock Healthcare

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Hi everyone, it is Maggie here to share with you our newest scholarship recipient, Robertha P., who is already half way done with CNA training at Larock Healthcare Academy. Recently, Robertha decided she wanted to go to a CNA school and began to research Larock Healthcare’s program. Well, luckily for Robertha, she ended up being awarded a CNA tuition-free scholarship from the myCNAjobs team to attend Larock Healthcare in Canton, OH in May. It was great to be the one to offer the scholarship to Robertha and after she heard the good news, she was overjoyed to be able to further her career in healthcare.


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Robertha to find out how her first week of classes have gone and what she has learned thus far. Robertha said that she has had a great experience this past week, especially because of her instructor. Dr. Barwick has been a nurse for 40 years and has brought her work experience to the classroom when teaching all of the 12 students in the class about hospice care and long term facilities.


Robertha explained to me what she has done over the past week in class and it is exciting to hear that the class is paying off! Robertha said, “typically, we have a lecture in the morning where we will have a quiz over the book chapters and then practice a variety of non-medical procedures in the afternoon. It has been interesting to learn how to look for signs and diagnose patients as well as learn how to ambulate with a gait belt.”


Well, I am so glad to hear that Robertha is gaining such useful knowledge to be able to easily pass the state exam after the end of the course. The scholarship team here at myCNAjobs is so excited to know that we are putting such dedicated and passionate caregivers like Robertha into CNA programs.


The myCNAjobs team wishes Robertha the best of luck finishing up her CNA course at Larock Healthcare and on her state exam. We have all the confidence in the world that she will do great and will continue to be a great employee of Home Instead, her current place of work.



Future CNA Raves About Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson

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Hi Everyone! It’s Chanelle again, here to fill you in about our newest scholarship recipient, Nancy D., and her experience at Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson. Arrowhead CNA had partnered with the myCNAjobs scholarship program last month to award Nancy an opportunity to become a certified nursing assistant.

Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson awarded a full tuition scholarship to Nancy to attend their spring CNA class schedule. This week, I had the pleasure to catch up with Nancy to discuss how the program is going and she described the CNA program to be ‘one of the best things she’s ever done.’ She currently is attending the program’s night classes, along with 5 other students. Talk about some serious student and instructor interaction right?

Nancy loves to be able to work with Janet, owner of Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson, so closely and be able to attend a class where the instructor is so passionate about teaching. Nancy mentioned, “Janet is amazing, she teaches us in ways to help us better understand what we are learning. She even incorporates games and videos to help us learn.” Nancy added that the most interesting thing that she has learned so far in the program is practicing taking blood pressure.

Our main goal here at myCNAjobs is to provide a special individual the opportunity to change lives in the healthcare field. Nancy was awarded the CNA scholarship because she wanted to find a job that she would feel fulfillment with and be happy. At the moment, Nancy is working for Payson’s local Country Lane during the day, where she cares for the elderly. Then at night, she attends her clinical classes, there she gains experience with working with some mentally handicapped individuals. We know those are long days, but we are extremely proud and happy Nancy is getting so much experience with different patients!

When finishing our phone call, Nancy expressed how thankful she is to be given the opportunity. Nancy said she would recommend Arrowhead CNA training to anyone that would like to become a CNA. In fact, she already told a few friends in the community about the myCNAjobs scholarship opportunity and Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson. We appreciate you spreading the word Nancy!

As for now, here is Nancy sporting her myCNAjobs branded scrubs and be sure to check back with us soon on more news about the myCNAjobs scholarship program.

A Caregiver Dedicated to Spreading Her Life Changing Optimism to the Ill and Aging

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Hi all, Kelley again, here to report yet another scholarship recipient attending Prestige Medical Solutions, Kisha J.! Kisha began class on April 18th along with the other three myCNAjobs Scholarship recipients and is learning more about the healthcare field than she could have imagined!

Upon being prompted as to why Kisha is ready to make a career shift to become a CNA, she responded “ I find joy in bringing happiness to those in a situation that may be difficult at the time.” Kisha “has always enjoyed working with people” and “dreams of making a positive impact as a CNA”. She continued by stating, “certified nursing assistants have very rewarding careers. CNAs get to positively impact lives on a daily basis and I have always aspired to bring light and optimism into the lives of the the ill and aging.”

Kisha is filled with love and compassion that she wants to spread to those in need. Alex, the Program Director at Prestige Medical Solutions is certain that Kisha will have a very successful as a CNA”. Kisha plans on learning as much as possible while in CNA School and is excited to begin her career as a CNA. Eventually Kisha hopes to delve into caregiving even further and in the future she plans on pursing a career as a nurse!

Great caregivers are not easy to find, so when the myCNAjobs Scholarship team finds a passionate caregiver, such as Kisha, we are overjoyed to be able to provide them with a full-tuition scholarship to attend one of our partnering CNA schools. Prestige Medical Solutions was generous in offering four scholarships via the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund and is dedicated to supplying the healthcare field with caregivers that are determined to provide excellent care and driven to make a difference in this growing field.

The myCNAjobs Scholarship Team and Prestige Medical Solutions are thrilled to support Kisha and are excited to watch her thrive within the healthcare field.

Stay tuned, we will be following up with Kisha J. about how classes are going in a few weeks!

Best of luck to Kisha as well as the other three myCNAjobs Scholarship recipients!

Until next time, check out Latoya’s story!

A New Month Calls For More News

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Happy first-Monday-of-May! There is no better time to share some great news about the myCNAjobs Scholarship Program.

Shelley W. was recently awarded a CNA scholarship to attend the CNA program at Colorado CNA Academy. Colorado CNA Academy is waiving the full tuition for Shelley to attend their program. Yes you read that right, the full tuition!

After being a stay at home mom for many years, Shelley decided it was time to take a new approach in the healthcare field. Shelley had felt as though she, “wanted to find something compassionate and help elderly people who are in need of assistance.” It was then when Shelley realized becoming a certified nurses assistant would be perfect for her.

It turns out for the past year, Shelley has worked as a caregiver at a local homecare agency within her community. Now after being granted this great opportunity, there is no doubt that Shelley is ready to make a difference in the healthcare community as a CNA.

Michelle Ohnemus, owner of Colorado CNA Academy, located in Golden, CO believes that Shelley will be a great addition to their program. Shelley is set to begin classes at Colorado CNA Academy on May 9th.

Our team at myCNAjobs is super excited to see all that Shelley will accomplish during her time in the program! We believe that it is truly rewarding to support such a caring individual to make an impact in our home healthcare community.

Us here at myCNAjobs will be in contact with Shelley throughout the entire duration of her time in the program, as well as help her find a job after she becomes certified. How exciting right?

As for now, stick around for more great stories about the myCNAjobs Scholarship Program! To learn more, check out some of our recent scholarship winners here.

A Caregiver Who Can Bring Smiles to Everyone’s Face

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Hi all, I am here to report some extremely exciting news! Prestige Medical Solutions recently became a participant in the myCNAjobs Scholarship Program. Prestige has offered to waive tuition for 4 students this class period. One of the students, Latoya C., is convinced she will change the lives of those in need.

Latoya has been a caregiver for “three years and counting”. However, she has been yearning to become a CNA for many years because she “loves seeing the smiles on the faces of those she cares for”. Latoya does not look at becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant as a job but as “something [she] loves to do and getting paid to be a CNA is just a bonus”. Latoya plans on absorbing as much information on becoming an even better caregiver as with the aspiration to become a nurse one day.

Latoya looks forward to forming close, personal relationships with those she provides with her care. She recognizes “many people do not know what love is”. She aims to show her patients love through exceeding what they anticipated having a caregiver would be like. It is students like Latoya that the myCNAjobs Scholarship Team and Prestige Medical Solutions aspires to waive full CNA tuition for and support in their careers as caregivers.

Alex, the Program Director at Prestige Medical Solutions, stated “Prestige Medical Solutions is confident Latoya will go on to positively impact many lives and achieve great things in the healthcare field”.

Up next for Latoya is a 6 week course intensive course but in the end, Latoya will walk out with a CNA, HHA, Dementia Training, and CPR Certification. After that, she will be out making a difference in the healthcare field!

Latoya will be receiving her myCNAjobs scrubs as a “Thank You” for all she has and will do to for others!

Stay tuned! I will have more to report when Latoya has been in class for a few weeks!

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A Caring EMT Shift Careers to Become More Involved in Patients’ Lives

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Kelley, here, to fill you in on super exciting information! Prestige Medical Solutions has provided four scholarships to four outstanding caregivers via the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund. Prestige offers a unique course that allows students to receive their CNA, HHA, Dementia Training, and CPR certification all in less than 2 months. Prestige is piloting this concept and is thrilled to have four amazing myCNAjobs Scholarship Recipients pioneer the program.

One of the scholarship recipients, Ilene W., began classes this Monday, April 18th and is thriving! Ilene is currently an EMT in NJ and has a long history in caregiving. She loves the medical field but is ready to engage in a career that is a little less fast paced and adrenaline inducing. Ilene “wants to get more involved in the lives of these patients, more so than [she] does at her current job” by becoming a certified nursing assistant.

Ilene has 3 kids that are also interested in health professions. Her daughter is currently in nursing school and her son is headed to medical school shortly. Ilene’s “calm nature, patience, empathy, and compassion” that she has attained from not only being an EMT but also a mother, make her a perfect fit for the home healthcare field.

It’s refreshing to know great caregivers like Ilene are headed into the field. Alex from Prestige Medical Solutions is certain that Ilene will excel in the CNA/HHA Program.

Prestige Medical Solutions is a vocational school located in North Plainfield, NJ which specializes in innovative career training. Some of their innovations which put Prestige Medical Solutions above the rest include online training, a career portal that guarantees a quick access to job opportunities, and professional development seminars.

Prestige Medical Solutions and myCNAjobs are thrilled to support such an amazing Caregiver through the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund! As a thanks to all she has done for her community, myCNAjobs sent a pair of myCNAjobs scrubs to Ilene as a “Thank You”.

Tune in soon! There will be more about Ilene’s story in a few weeks!

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