How do I apply for jobs?

The advantage of myCNA jobs is that you only need to apply one time for ALL jobs in the network.  On your job application, you set your preferences to let employers know the type of job you’re interested in (caregiver/homemaker, CNA, HHA, etc.)  To get started, fill out the job application here:  

What types of jobs do you offer?

Employers use myCNAjobs to hire non-medical caregivers (also called homemakers or non-certified careigvers), home health aides, certified nursing assistants, and personal care assistants.

I don’t have any formal training.  Can I be a caregiver?

Yes! Non-medical caregivers, also called homemakers, do not require any formalized training.  If training is required, employers are able to offer on-the-job training to meet any state requirements.  However, if you don’t have any experience, we recommend purchasing low-cost careigver training ($57) to learn the basics and give yourself a leg-up in a job interview. Showing an employer that you’re willing to learn and taking action to do so will not only help you land the job, but it will help you become a better caregiver. Learn more: Caregiver Training.

What can I do to make my application stand out?

  • Build a story with the two open questions on the job application.  Employers want to see more than a one-sentence answer to understand why you want to be a caregiver and more importantly, why they should consider hiring you.  Take time to write a thoughtful response.  This is your opportunity to shine.
  • Provide reasonable wage expectations.  You can always negotiate, however you don’t want to be disqualified before ever getting an interview.  
  • If you’re a non-medical caregiver without a lot of experience or any formal training, consider low cost online training offered by myCNAjobs or other establishments to convey that you’re serious about the job and learning the ropes.  After you complete training programs, update your job application to notify employers of your new credentials.
  • Consider uploading a photo to your profile. It doesn’t need to be a photo of yourself, but anything to reflect your style of care.
  • Interact in the myCNAjobs community, comment on blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. -- be visible.  It doesn’t go unnoticed.

When will I be contacted for a job?

Employers use the myCNAjobs network to review your job application and connect with you directly.  myCNAjobs simply provides a platform for you to showcase your skills and increase your chances of getting in front of an employer based on the specific types of jobs you’re looking for.  You will receive periodic e-mail updates from myCNAjobs, however all job inquiries will be based on employer need and assessment.  

How much can I expect to be paid?

myCNAjobs does not set the pay.  Employers using our site to hire caregivers will set the pay.  Some employers may choose to list pay in their job openings and some will not. To learn more about caregiver pay in your area, visit the Caregiver & CNA Pay Guide.

I’m already registered, how can I apply for more open positions on our site?

With myCNAjobs, we make it easy.  You apply one time to get considered for all jobs in the network.  If you’ve already applied, see question #2 above to make your application stand out.

Can I fill out an application in-person?

We work differently than other companies. Rather than having you spend your time (and money) driving around and applying for jobs in-person, you simply need to fill out one job application online.  After you’re done, all local employers hiring in our network are notified of your application and can contact you directly.

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