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Louisiana Caregiver Training Requirements

  • Direct Service Worker/Personal Care Services: Must complete 16 hours of optic specific initial training and 20 hours CE annually.
  • Certified Nurse Aides: After completing a state approved CNA school program, CNAs in Louisiana must complete 12 hours of CE annually.

Included in this package for Louisiana Caregiver Training:

  • Core Caregiver Certification Program (16 hour package) - for caregivers or families looking to learn the basics or grow a career
  • Louisiana Direct Service Worker Initial Training (16 hour package)
  • Louisiana Direct Service Worker CEUs (20 hour package)
  • Louisiana Certified Nurse Aide CEUs (12 hour package)
A few highlighted courses included in the caregiver training package for Louisiana residents:
  • Promoting Your Client's Independence
  • Responding To Weather Emergencies and Natural Hazards
  • Infection Control
  • Understanding Types of Abuse
  • Understanding Cultural Differences
  • Client Speak
  • Stress and Healing
  • Caregiver Conduct: Regulations, Co-workers, and Families
  • Abuse and Neglect
  • Medication Self Administration Training
  • Communicating with Others
  • HIV/AIDS: Focusing on the Individual
  • Common Communicable Diseases
  • Ethics and Personal Rights

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  1. Enroll for the class in your state
  2. Check e-mail & follow log-in instructions
  3. Complete each module at your convenience. On average, it takes 2 - 15 hours to complete the training (dependent on modules selected and how quickly you choose to go through the materials)
  4. Receive certification after achieving 80% successful course completion (great for interviews!)
  5. Stand out: If you’re looking for work, you’ll receive an exclusive IPCed caregiver certification badge to add to your job application on the myCNAjobs website
Rated by: Laura C.
User Comments: "I feel prepared for my new job and didn't realize how much I didn't know! Thank you!"
Review Date: Fri Aug 28, 2015

Rated by: Stephanie P.
User Comments: "Great information and got my certificate in few hours. Going to get my CNA license next!"
Review Date: Fri Aug 21, 2015

Rated by: Rachael S.
User Comments: "I recently started caring for a family member and wasn't sure where to start. I found the interactive classes to be really helpful and I shared them with other caretakers, too."
Review Date: Thu Aug 6, 2015

Rated by: Nate R.
User Comments: "Just moved and needed 10 hours of training to work in homecare. Purchased it and completed everything over the weekend and then got two for work."
Review Date: Wed Jul 22, 2015

It’s easy to get started. Simply “click” enroll now to pay for your appropriate state caregiver classes. After you checkout, you’ll receive an email with your log-in credentials to access the training. You will have 30-days to complete the training, which takes a total of 2 - 15 hours to complete depending on how quickly you choose to go through the program. After 80% successful course completion, you’ll receive an IPCed caregiver training certificate.

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