Hi all, Kelley again, here to report yet another scholarship recipient attending Prestige Medical Solutions, Kisha J.! Kisha began class on April 18th along with the other three myCNAjobs Scholarship recipients and is learning more about the healthcare field than she could have imagined!

Upon being prompted as to why Kisha is ready to make a career shift to become a CNA, she responded “ I find joy in bringing happiness to those in a situation that may be difficult at the time.” Kisha “has always enjoyed working with people” and “dreams of making a positive impact as a CNA”. She continued by stating, “certified nursing assistants have very rewarding careers. CNAs get to positively impact lives on a daily basis and I have always aspired to bring light and optimism into the lives of the the ill and aging.”

Kisha is filled with love and compassion that she wants to spread to those in need. Alex, the Program Director at Prestige Medical Solutions is certain that Kisha will have a very successful as a CNA”. Kisha plans on learning as much as possible while in CNA School and is excited to begin her career as a CNA. Eventually Kisha hopes to delve into caregiving even further and in the future she plans on pursing a career as a nurse!

Great caregivers are not easy to find, so when the myCNAjobs Scholarship team finds a passionate caregiver, such as Kisha, we are overjoyed to be able to provide them with a full-tuition scholarship to attend one of our partnering CNA schools. Prestige Medical Solutions was generous in offering four scholarships via the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund and is dedicated to supplying the healthcare field with caregivers that are determined to provide excellent care and driven to make a difference in this growing field.

The myCNAjobs Scholarship Team and Prestige Medical Solutions are thrilled to support Kisha and are excited to watch her thrive within the healthcare field.

Stay tuned, we will be following up with Kisha J. about how classes are going in a few weeks!

Best of luck to Kisha as well as the other three myCNAjobs Scholarship recipients!

Until next time, check out Latoya’s story!

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