Hi all, I am here to report some extremely exciting news! Prestige Medical Solutions recently became a participant in the myCNAjobs Scholarship Program. Prestige has offered to waive tuition for 4 students this class period. One of the students, Latoya C., is convinced she will change the lives of those in need.

Latoya has been a caregiver for “three years and counting”. However, she has been yearning to become a CNA for many years because she “loves seeing the smiles on the faces of those she cares for”. Latoya does not look at becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant as a job but as “something [she] loves to do and getting paid to be a CNA is just a bonus”. Latoya plans on absorbing as much information on becoming an even better caregiver as with the aspiration to become a nurse one day.

Latoya looks forward to forming close, personal relationships with those she provides with her care. She recognizes “many people do not know what love is”. She aims to show her patients love through exceeding what they anticipated having a caregiver would be like. It is students like Latoya that the myCNAjobs Scholarship Team and Prestige Medical Solutions aspires to waive full CNA tuition for and support in their careers as caregivers.

Alex, the Program Director at Prestige Medical Solutions, stated “Prestige Medical Solutions is confident Latoya will go on to positively impact many lives and achieve great things in the healthcare field”.

Up next for Latoya is a 6 week course intensive course but in the end, Latoya will walk out with a CNA, HHA, Dementia Training, and CPR Certification. After that, she will be out making a difference in the healthcare field!

Latoya will be receiving her myCNAjobs scrubs as a “Thank You” for all she has and will do to for others!

Stay tuned! I will have more to report when Latoya has been in class for a few weeks!

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