Kelley, here, to fill you in on super exciting information! Prestige Medical Solutions has provided four scholarships to four outstanding caregivers via the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund. Prestige offers a unique course that allows students to receive their CNA, HHA, Dementia Training, and CPR certification all in less than 2 months. Prestige is piloting this concept and is thrilled to have four amazing myCNAjobs Scholarship Recipients pioneer the program.

One of the scholarship recipients, Ilene W., began classes this Monday, April 18th and is thriving! Ilene is currently an EMT in NJ and has a long history in caregiving. She loves the medical field but is ready to engage in a career that is a little less fast paced and adrenaline inducing. Ilene “wants to get more involved in the lives of these patients, more so than [she] does at her current job” by becoming a certified nursing assistant.

Ilene has 3 kids that are also interested in health professions. Her daughter is currently in nursing school and her son is headed to medical school shortly. Ilene’s “calm nature, patience, empathy, and compassion” that she has attained from not only being an EMT but also a mother, make her a perfect fit for the home healthcare field.

It’s refreshing to know great caregivers like Ilene are headed into the field. Alex from Prestige Medical Solutions is certain that Ilene will excel in the CNA/HHA Program.

Prestige Medical Solutions is a vocational school located in North Plainfield, NJ which specializes in innovative career training. Some of their innovations which put Prestige Medical Solutions above the rest include online training, a career portal that guarantees a quick access to job opportunities, and professional development seminars.

Prestige Medical Solutions and myCNAjobs are thrilled to support such an amazing Caregiver through the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund! As a thanks to all she has done for her community, myCNAjobs sent a pair of myCNAjobs scrubs to Ilene as a “Thank You”.

Tune in soon! There will be more about Ilene’s story in a few weeks!

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