A caregiver job is hard work…long hours, few “thank yous”, and a sore back from standing on your feet most of the day. But at the end of the day, it’s worth it for the upsides – there are a few reasons why you would become a caregiver. Here are the little things that make us tick over at myCNAjobs:

Thankful clients 

Ahhh…Isn’t it nice to feel appreciated? One simple thank you goes a long way. Cherish these moments.

Knowing that your job makes a difference 

Unlike many careers, caregiving makes a true difference in someone’s life. Caring for a person struggling to care for themselves is rewarding. Without people like you, the quality of life for thousands of people around the globe would be compromised.

Good stories & fun bonding times

Chit-chatting with fellow CNAs and caregivers is one of the things we love most and often hear from other in-the-trenches caregivers working in the field. No one else can quite understand (and appreciate) the life of a caregiver. From a good laugh about something your client did to a shedding a tear about a recent set back, SHARING is definitely one of the upsides of a caregiver job.

@Laurby92 puts it best:  “Having a giant 2nd family basically! (wt coworkers and the residents).”

What do you love most about your caregiving job? Add to our list of upsides!

2 Responses to “A few Upsides to a Caregiver Job”

  1. Rose Marie

    Bonding with my clients, and filling in the gaps of loneliness, filling in the empty spaces of time with songs, cards any kind of games. It’s important to make them feel they are still needed and wanted. I love the job.

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