Happy first-Monday-of-May! There is no better time to share some great news about the myCNAjobs Scholarship Program.

Shelley W. was recently awarded a CNA scholarship to attend the CNA program at Colorado CNA Academy. Colorado CNA Academy is waiving the full tuition for Shelley to attend their program. Yes you read that right, the full tuition!

After being a stay at home mom for many years, Shelley decided it was time to take a new approach in the healthcare field. Shelley had felt as though she, “wanted to find something compassionate and help elderly people who are in need of assistance.” It was then when Shelley realized becoming a certified nurses assistant would be perfect for her.

It turns out for the past year, Shelley has worked as a caregiver at a local homecare agency within her community. Now after being granted this great opportunity, there is no doubt that Shelley is ready to make a difference in the healthcare community as a CNA.

Michelle Ohnemus, owner of Colorado CNA Academy, located in Golden, CO believes that Shelley will be a great addition to their program. Shelley is set to begin classes at Colorado CNA Academy on May 9th.

Our team at myCNAjobs is super excited to see all that Shelley will accomplish during her time in the program! We believe that it is truly rewarding to support such a caring individual to make an impact in our home healthcare community.

Us here at myCNAjobs will be in contact with Shelley throughout the entire duration of her time in the program, as well as help her find a job after she becomes certified. How exciting right?

As for now, stick around for more great stories about the myCNAjobs Scholarship Program! To learn more, check out some of our recent scholarship winners here.

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