Happy Friday! myCNAjobs would like to announce yet another myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund recipient, Donna C. who will be attending the Home Care Aide Training Program by Black Stone. Home Care by Black Stone is awarding up to ten scholarships every month to those in the Columbus,OH area.

Donna’s journey began in Atlanta,GA where she was the primary caregiver of her bedridden parents and grandparents. This drove Donna’s passion for the healthcare field leading her to become a Home Health Aide. She was an HHA for over twenty years. She now wants to get certified in order to go back to working in home aide. She believes that attending a training program, such as the one Black Stone offers, she will be improve her skills and become a better caregiver. Donna’s passion is to give back to as many people as she can and going back to health care will let her do that.

The myCNAjobs Scholarship team chose Donna as the scholarship recipient mostly due to her passion for healthcare. But what really stood out was Donna’s drive and enthusiasm to be able to attend school. She will be starting the Home Care Aide Training Program by Black Stone on August 11th. Once Donna finishes the training, myCNAjobs will work with her to match her to local career opportunities.

Home Care by Black Stone and myCNAjobs recently became partners making Donna the first scholarship recipient. Home Care by Black Stone specializes in providing home care services such as house calls, home healthcare, care advising, assisted care, and private duty care. With this training program they hope to bring in more well trained individuals to provide quality home care services.

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