Happy Friday! Chanelle here ready to share some exciting news! I was able to catch up with one of our most aspiring scholarship recipients, Kiley G. about her experience at Quality CNA/CMA Class’s CNA program.

Based out of Omaha, NE Quality CNA/CMA Classes offered a full-tuition free scholarship to Kiley to attend their spring 2016 CNA class schedule. When I spoke with Kiley, she expressed how grateful she was to be given this opportunity. She continued to tell me, ‘the classes were very interesting and feels like she is learned a lot.’ Kiley recently completed the required 76 hour program, which included on-site instruction, training and testing with flying colors. That sounds like a ton of information and training done within such a short time! Way to go Kiley!

Chad Seim, Program Director of Quality CNA/CMA Classes, was thrilled to have such a young and inspiring student apart of their program. He believes that Kiley is set out on the right path to make a difference in our healthcare industry. Us here at myCNAjobs couldn’t agree more with Chad.

Kiley continued the phone call by explaining to me that her favorite part about the program was being able to practice real life situations on the mannequins in class. She was taught by a fantastic instructor who always presented positive energy towards the 40 person class. Kiley added that she now hopes to find a job in a local Omaha hospital to gain more experience as she furthers her education.

myCNAjobs is very proud of Kiley for being so motivated and making an impact within the Omaha healthcare community. Doesn’t she look awesome in her myCNAjobs branded scrubs? We can’t wait to see all that you will do in your future, remember this is only the beginning of a very exciting journey. Kiley finished the conversation by mentioning that she would recommend Quality CNA/CMA program to anyone looking to become a certified nursing assistant. She even said that she will be attending the school’s medical aid class this July!

To apply for the myCNAjobs scholarship program, you can fill out an application here. Otherwise, check out more news about our other scholarship winners.

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