Caregiver burnout is a real issue – faced by hundreds of thousands of people across the globe. Are you getting sick more? A tad irritable? Experiencing a change in sleep patterns? These are all symptoms to be aware of. By understanding the underlying causes of caregiver burnout, you can reduce the chances that it will happen to you. Here are a few quick tips:

Work, work, work and no play = caregiver burnout 

Caregiving is hard work. At times, it’s an around the clock job. Remember to savor a few moments for yourself each day. If you’re a live-in caregiver, sneak in a few breathers each day to stop and smell the roses and on your day off, do something that makes you smile. You’ll be a  better caregiver or CNA employee and your happiness barometer is sure to soar!

Unrealistic Expectations

Go easy on yourself, girlfriend (or boyfriend)! You can’t change the world in a day.  Too often, we chat with caregivers that want to move mountains…yesterday. Set realistic expectations for yourself and your clients.

Limited control

Remember, you can’t control everything in your own life, let alone someone else’s life. Take a step back and focus on the things you CAN control – like how you react to situations, the value you provide each day to your client, and the joy you get from hobbies, friends, and loved ones.

Forgetting someone very important – YOURSELF

You are a care GIVER, but don’t forget to take care of yourself. Get enough sleep, maintain a healthy diet, and keep up with your family and social life (and Keeping up with the Kardashians if that’s your cup of tea)

While there isn’t a magic formula to avoiding caregiver burnout, our biggest advice is understanding burnout symptoms and address it early and often.

We’d love to hear from our community.  Have you ever experienced a burnout phase? If so, what advice can you share for others?

2 Responses to “Addressing Caregiver Burnout”

  1. Denise

    Tired of reading burnout remedies that suggest “taking time for yourself” “take a hot bath” I know you can’t move mountains. Caregiver burnout is all about nursing homes who put too many patients under ONE cnas care. You cannot tend to 15 people a shift and feel good that everyone got adequate time and attention they needed. No matter how organized a nursing home thinks it is unexpected things happen and at any given times any resident may need extra special time consuming care and you don’t always have a “backup” cna around to help out. So writer of article get real. We all know how to destress tell us how to fix the nursing home administration uncaring attitude. They are about the money cna’s are about the care

  2. precious

    Thank you Denise .I know to de-stress and take care of myself very well. I am currently at work taking a breather in a room because we are short staffed once again and again.. Its 60 residents and its only 3 CNA’s! As you can imagine we are Burned out , two days off just isn’t enough to recover. The nursing homes is all about the Money-Always. If management truly cared about these residents health and safety they would hire and learn how to effectively run a nursing without running all the staff away . The work load does not match the pay. Honestly I’m beyond fed up because it hurts I can’t provide the care these people need . A nursing home should never ever be short staffed or out of basic supplies like towels and diapers , its disgusting and very sad to witness people being treated like nothing !

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