Hi everyone, it is Maggie here to share with you our newest scholarship recipient, Robertha P., who is already half way done with CNA training at Larock Healthcare Academy. Recently, Robertha decided she wanted to go to a CNA school and began to research Larock Healthcare’s program. Well, luckily for Robertha, she ended up being awarded a CNA tuition-free scholarship from the myCNAjobs team to attend Larock Healthcare in Canton, OH in May. It was great to be the one to offer the scholarship to Robertha and after she heard the good news, she was overjoyed to be able to further her career in healthcare.


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of speaking with Robertha to find out how her first week of classes have gone and what she has learned thus far. Robertha said that she has had a great experience this past week, especially because of her instructor. Dr. Barwick has been a nurse for 40 years and has brought her work experience to the classroom when teaching all of the 12 students in the class about hospice care and long term facilities.


Robertha explained to me what she has done over the past week in class and it is exciting to hear that the class is paying off! Robertha said, “typically, we have a lecture in the morning where we will have a quiz over the book chapters and then practice a variety of non-medical procedures in the afternoon. It has been interesting to learn how to look for signs and diagnose patients as well as learn how to ambulate with a gait belt.”


Well, I am so glad to hear that Robertha is gaining such useful knowledge to be able to easily pass the state exam after the end of the course. The scholarship team here at myCNAjobs is so excited to know that we are putting such dedicated and passionate caregivers like Robertha into CNA programs.


The myCNAjobs team wishes Robertha the best of luck finishing up her CNA course at Larock Healthcare and on her state exam. We have all the confidence in the world that she will do great and will continue to be a great employee of Home Instead, her current place of work.



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