Hi all – today, we’re taking a tour of Arizona. Here’s the downlow on everything you need to know related to becoming a CNA.

CNA Certification Requirements in Arizona

In order to work at any facility as a CNA, an Arizona state approved certification needs to be obtained. You will need to complete a state-accredited nurse aide training program and pass the nurse aide competency exam. Once you pass the exam, the Board of Nursing will add you to the state’s nurse aide registry. All practicing CNAs within the state must be certified before providing direct care to patients. Training and testing form an integral part of the certification process, but the board of nursing may waive training for out-of-state CNAs and nursing students.

Become a CNA in Arizona

Here are the steps to follow in order to become an Arizona certified CNA:

1.Enroll in a state certified school.

2.Complete the training. Take practice CNA exam(this step is optional and may be included within certain CNA courses).

3. Register to take the state CNA exam.

4. Once you pass the exam, apply for desired  jobs!

Local CNA Training Classes

In order to attend CNA training in the state of Arizona, the individual needs to be able to understand, read and speak English. Most Arizona CNA training providers require students to possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent. The Arizona Department of Health Services says that CNAs must be at least 16 years old in order to work at long-term care facilities. Training providers must also verify students’ are legal citizens or have legal residency status before enrollment in the program. CNA classes in Arizona cost between $500 and $1,600. The classes at community colleges tend to be more expensive as they do normally cover more than the state required 120 hours.

Here are a few local CNA Classes  in Arizona

CNA Classes in Scottsdale

Scottsdale Community College: (480) 423-6000

CNA Classes in Mesa

Arizona Medical Training Institute: (480) 835-7679

CNA Classes in Phoenix

Gateway Community College: (602) 286-8500

CNA Classes in Glendale

Providence Training Institute: (602) 606-8879

Search All Arizona State Certified Nursing Training Programs

Search CNA Scholarships available in Arizona (free CNA training available)

Arizona CNA Testing

All candidates for testing must first complete a state-accredited training program or obtain a waiver from the Board of Nursing. Candidates must also register with the board as a prerequisite to testing.There are two components that comprise the competency evaluation, skills and knowledge tests.

The knowledge test contains 75 multiple-choice questions as a written exam, which you must complete in 90 minutes. The skills test evaluates your nurse assistant skills.. In order to pass the skills test, you must achieve a minimum of 80 percent on each task the test you on. If you fail the knowledge exam on three attempts, you must allow a period of 45 days before retesting.

Certification Costs To Become a CNA

  • Knowledge test or retest – $30

  • Oral test or retest – $40

  • Skills test or retest – $88

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