Hi all – Chanelle here with myCNAjobs. I just got off the phone with one of our recent CNA scholarship recipients and had to share the good news.

Barbara was recently awarded a full tuition CNA scholarship to attend CNA classes at HPI School of Allied Health. Barbara reports that she couldn’t be more thrilled with the program!

She is enjoying the hands on experience and interaction with patients. Last week, her class spent 4 days at a local long term nursing home facility to practice skills like range of motion exercises, turning patients, and transferring folks to a wheelchair.

Barbara aced her past three tests and is looking forward to growing a career as a certified nursing assistant. And Barbara, we know where to go to help you find a CNA job :) .

Way to go!

To learn more about applying for scholarships to attend CNA or home health aide classes, visit the myCNAjobs Scholarship Program.

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