Before taking a professional caregiving job, it’s important to know what to expect for caregiver and CNA pay. So let’s talk money!

CNA Pay vs. Caregiver Pay

On average CNA pay is a few dollars higher than caregiver wages. CNAs are required to complete training and certification before practicing, and their increased wages reflect the additional education they have completed. The average hourly salary for a CNA is $11.54, whereas a caregiver typically earns $9.25 per hour.

Caregiver and CNA Pay Varies by Where You Live

Caregiver wages and CNA pay is not universal; the average pay varies from state to state. But why? A variety of factors contribute to these variations including local industry demands, cost of living, and state minimum wage laws. The highest CNA salary can be found in Alaska, where the average hourly rate is $16.40. At $9.05 per hour, Mississippi has the lowest pay rate of all states.

Increase Your CNA Pay with Training

As a caregiver, the best way to increase your earnings is to complete more education and become a CNA. CNA training requires a minimal investment of time and money. Within six weeks and for $300 to $600, you can obtain your CNA license. If you aren’t ready to commit to CNA school, online caregiver training is also available for a low cost (under $100). Whichever route you choose, increased education and obtaining certifications is an investment that eventually pays for itself.

Other ways to increase your CNA or caregiver include on-the-job training and increased experience. Many senior care agencies also offer increased pay for holidays, weekends, and nights.

To learn more, check out this detailed caregiver and CNA pay guide.

One Response to “Caregiver and CNA Pay: Everything You Need to Know”

  1. Jeremy

    From my experience, CNA training in this area will start you out at $10 per hour unless you have previous caregiver experience, then the pay goes up from there. Not a great salary, but a good start in this economy.

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