Today I’m talking about a big problem for both professional and family caregivers – caregiver burnout.

Caregiver burnout is a very real problem and It’s important to take care of yourself and be aware that caregiver burnout may be causing certain symptoms like irritability, changes in sleep patterns, and getting sick more often.  Not only does this impact you, but it impacts everyone else around you – including your patient or loved ones.

To avoid or reduce caregiver burnout, we recommend keeping two simple thoughts in mind

  1.  Take a few moments throughout the day to step away and take a deep breath so you feel less stressed – remember that you can only do so much.  You’re one person.
  2. Keep your expectations in check. Don’t get down if your client’s health isn’t improving as fast as you’d like it to. Just keep doing your job the best you can — you’re there to make a patient as comfortable as possible.  There are limitations to what you can do.

For more caregiver tips, visit the myCNAjobs caregiver resource center.

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