Whether just examining homecare jobs or you’re in the process of applying for homecare jobs, writing a caregiver cover letter is a great way to show an employer why you want this job and why you are qualified for the position. Plus, many applicants don’t write a caregiver cover letter, so this simple little task will set you apart from the competition instantly!

1. State why you want to work as a caregiver

This is the most important part of your caregiver cover letter. Be sure to tell the employer why you want to work as a caregiver and why you want to work at their senior home care agency. Hiring managers look for caregivers, like you, who have a big heart and are passionate about helping others.

2. Don’t just regurgitate your caregiver resume

This is a common pitfall when writing a caregiver cover letter. Rather than restating your resume, use your cover letter to fill in the gaps of your resume. It’s ok to review your past experience, but include a short story or example from a past caregiver job that illustrates why you are the right applicant for the job. If you don’t have any caregiver training, consider taking a caregiver training program – courses are available in just a few hours online each week and they are very low cost.

3. Proofread and spellcheck

This is key! With the spellcheck tool, you don’t need to be a spelling bee champ to avoid typos. As for checking grammar and reviewing the overall flow of your caregiver cover letter, have a trusted friend or family member read over it. Don’t hesitate to ask for help; a fresh eye can catch errors that you might have missed. A well written, professional cover letter can give you a leg up in getting hired, but one with typos and errors can hurt your chances of landing that homecare job.

Have questions about writing a caregiver cover letter? Let us know! We’re here to help!

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    Hi, My name is Shawntel Gerbier I want to know do you a sample of a cover letter fo caregiver.

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    This resume is out of date for florida…if your in florida consult a workforce center…i would not have gotten a job with that resume just a fyi

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    Would you mind sending me also a. Copy? Please! Have a safe and Happy New Year!!

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    Does anyone have a sample cover letter that you could send me please?

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    I have over 12years exp. In eldery care hha all ceu are updated of course not..

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    Can You Send Me One Also Please email is thanks

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    October 8, 2016

    Hello, could you email me a copy
    or sample of a caregiver – home health aide and nurse’s aide cover letter or template.

    Thank you

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    Can someone send me a sample what a cover head should look like please

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    Can u plz send me a copy of a caregiver -home aide cover letter thank u I would appreciate very much

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