An ingredient in most caregiver jobs is caring for hostile patients.  From a home health aide to a CNA working on a hospital floor, it’s all in a days work.  Daily caregiver duties revolve around caring for people that can’t care for themselves.  And that my friend…is where hostility is bred.  Imagine not being able to care for yourself and needing to turn to someone else for help.  It would be hard – crazy hard.

We’re writing this post as a reminder to our amazing caregiver network.  Here are a few tips for dealing with hostile clients and patients:

  • Care. Remember, you’re a professional caregiver for a reason – chances are that you’re in this job for reasons beyond a paycheck.
  • Listen. Communication is key to helping calm hostility.
  • Empathize. Growing old ain’t for wimps. Next time your patient or client starts acting up, put yourself in their shoes for 1 minute.  We dare you!
  • Help. Ask for it.  If you feel like you can’t a handle any given situation well, ask for help. With any CNA job, you have a supervisor (or many) that can help you through it.  Also, consider more caregiver and CNA training.  Studies show that the more training you get, the less anxiety you’ll have in hostile situations.
  • And lastly, ask for respect. If you’re being mistreated and an extra dose of TLC isn’t doing the trick, remind your client that you’re human, you chose a CNA career because you love working with them, and need respect, too.  Say it nicely…with a smile.

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