Be Careful CNAs…60% reported injury rate!

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Believe it or not, over 60% of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) experience work-related injuries in nursing homes, according to a study done by RTI International. That’s a whole lot of injuries that don’t need to happen! It’s important that you provide care for those you’re responsible for, but it’s equally important to care of yourself…. Read more »

Caregiver for the Elderly Job Overview

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A caregiver for the elderly plays a critical role in helping a senior live a quality life as they age. The caregiver duties revolve around offering companionship for the aging since they become more and more isolated, helping them to exercise, bathing and even grooming. Caregivers for the elderly also help in cooking, washing and… Read more »

CNA Job Description

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Often, we get asked for a standard “CNA job description”. It’s important to note that every caregiving position is truly unique and revolves around the needs of the client. No two people are alike, right? However, there are few fundamentals that every CNA job description tend to share. Learn more with our CNA Duties Guide

The Top 5 CNA Skills Every Caregiver Should Have

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With hundreds of CNA skills required to be successful on the job, a certified nurse assistant is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Each skill is as valuable as the next, but rather than writing a novel outlining each individual quality, here’s a look at the top five most desirable CNA skills, according to our in-the-trenches, insider knowledge:… Read more »

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