Alabama Caregiver Training Spotlight

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Caregiver training – We hear that term a lot, but what does it mean and how do you get it? Many companies hiring caregivers today in Alabama like to see some form of training and most importantly, it’s important to be knowledgeable given you’re working with people that are less abled than yourself. The first… Read more »

The Art of Phrasing: Questions to ask during your next nursing or assisted living CNA job interview

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The way you phrase questions during an interview is…so…so…IMPORTANT. During your next CNA interview, focus on phrasing questions in a way that ends up giving you leg up instead of a red flag.  You can still get answers to questions you may have (and you should) during an interview, but by focusing on HOW and… Read more »

CNA Job Interview Tips: What to wear to your CNA Interview – myCNAjobs Vlog Post #43

Posted by & filed under caregiver cna interview, Caregiver Vlog, CNA Job. We’ve been getting asked lately about what to wear to your CNA job interview by people looking for CNA job interview tips so we have a few pointers directly from home care employers. For everyone, you want to look professional. So no crazy hair, crazy nails, crazy makeup or crazy attitude. In terms of… Read more »

CNA Job Interview Tips – Vlog 1

Posted by & filed under caregiver cna interview, Caregiver Job, Caregiver Vlog, CNA Job, Working as Caregiver CNA. In this myCNAjobs vlog clip, a member of the recruitment squad shares what senior employers – senior home care agencies, nursing homes, and assisted living communities – want to hear during a caregiver or CNA job interview. Check it out to learn CNA and caregiver job interview tips, caregiver interview questions and answers, and… Read more »

How to Answer 3 Tough Interview Questions for Caregivers

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This is an excerpt from a Comprehensive Caregiver and C.N.A. Interview Guide. DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE GUIDE HERE (IT’S FREE…AND AWESOME).   Now that you have an interview set up, you’re probably wondering what some common interview questions for caregivers are. Jump over to our Interview Guide and let’s take a look at three toughies and how to answer… Read more »

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