The Art of Phrasing: Questions to ask during your next nursing or assisted living CNA job interview

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The way you phrase questions during an interview is…so…so…IMPORTANT. During your next CNA interview, focus on phrasing questions in a way that ends up giving you leg up instead of a red flag.  You can still get answers to questions you may have (and you should) during an interview, but by focusing on HOW and… Read more »

From CNA to Nurse: 2013 Nursing Employment Index

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Ready to get ahead? With nursing jobs on the rise, you couldn’t have picked a better time to pursue nursing. If you’re already a certified nursing assistant (completed your CNA training) then you’re blazing along the trail! You’re figuring out this nursing thing and getting comfortable in your role as a professional. Here are a few… Read more »

Highest Paid CNAs by State

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CNA pay varies from CNA job to CNA job.  Typically, pay for CNA careers depends on a few factors: Experience Type of company you’re working for (homecare, nursing, hospital, etc.) Area of the country Yes, that’s right….area of the country.  Alaska boasts the highest CNA pay rate with a few states close behind including New York,… Read more »

Caregiver Wages: Live-In Caregiver Pay – myCNAjobs Vlog Post #16

Posted by & filed under Caregiver CNA Pay, Caregiver Job, Caregiver Vlog. In this segment, we’re chatting about caregiver wages for live-in caregivers. Live-in caregiver pay works a little differently – caregivers are paid a daily rate instead of an hourly rate. And although it’s called “live in”, caregivers don’t actually live with a client, but instead work a few days in a row and receive… Read more »

Caregiver Pay: How to get better Caregiver Pay – myCNAjobs Vlog Post #5

Posted by & filed under Caregiver CNA Pay, Caregiver Job, Caregiver Vlog, CNA Job. Today, I’m talking about something we ALL want to know — How to make more money. For all the non-certified caregivers out there, your best bet to get better caregiver pay is to get some training. You have a couple of options — take online caregiver courses like we offer here at myCNAjobs or… Read more »

How Much Do Caregivers Make?

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If you’re considering caregiver jobs and homecare jobs, it’s important to ask “how much do caregivers make?” Being well-versed in what’s normal for caregiver pay helps develop an understanding of the industry and what you can expect on the job. An overview of caregiver pay On average, caregiver pay ranges from $7.89 to $14.20 per hour,… Read more »

The Norms of Live-in Caregiver Salary

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A live-in caregiver salary is structured a bit differently than hourly caregiver pay. Since live-in caregiver jobs operate around the clock, these employees are compensated at a set rate per day. Here’s some info on a live-in caregiver salary: The average live-in caregiver salary is $160 to $250 per day. Live-in caregivers work around the… Read more »

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