Caregiver and CNA jobs: What’s the difference?

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So, what’s the difference between working caregiver and CNA jobs? Sometimes the terms “caregiver” and “CNA” are used interchangeably (which is confusing!), but these positions are different. Here are the nuts and bolts of each position, as well as the similarities and differences: Caregiver and CNA jobs differ in education The main difference in caregiver and CNA… Read more »

The Top 5 CNA Skills Every Caregiver Should Have

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With hundreds of CNA skills required to be successful on the job, a certified nurse assistant is truly a jack-of-all-trades. Each skill is as valuable as the next, but rather than writing a novel outlining each individual quality, here’s a look at the top five most desirable CNA skills, according to our in-the-trenches, insider knowledge:… Read more »

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