How to Become a CNA – myCNAjobs Vlog Post #18

Posted by & filed under Become a Caregiver or CNA, Caregiver Vlog, CNA Job, CNA School. People have been asking us about how to become a CNA lately. Well, becoming a CNA is a fairly straightforward and simple process if you follow these steps. 1) Find a local accredited CNA school – there’s a lot of snake oil in this industry so be certain to check the credentials of the… Read more »

CNA School Websites That Don’t Suck

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We hate to say it.  Yes, we really do.  However CNA schools and CNA programs are NOT known for having the most user friendly, informative, or accurate information online.  So, as we’ve been scouring the web hunting for CNA school partners, we came across a few websites that we’re helpful…and we wanted to point them… Read more »

Finding the Right CNA School

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Attending CNA school is an important step for those looking to advance their caregiving careers. The advanced certification can lead to increased marketability, more responsibility on the job and hire CNA pay. But before you buy your books and don the scrubs, you have to find a CNA school that is the right fit. Here… Read more »

CNA Classes – A quick tip guide

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Thinking of becoming a CNA and obtaining a CNA Certification? We’ve been getting a lot of questions about CNA classes over here at myCNAjobs recently so we thought we’d share with our broader community. How long is a CNA class? CNA class duration is dependent upon your specific program and state requirements. Most programs range from 80 to… Read more »

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