Friday Caregiver Job Funny

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One of the most important things to do at a caregiver job is LAUGH. That’s why when I come across a hilarious video, I throw a “Friday Funny” into the blog every now and then. This week I found a great clip of two elderly women who have been best friends for 94 years! I’m… Read more »

Caring Senior Service Jobs (Caregiver, CNA, HHA)

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The ultimate goal of Caring Senior Service is to make it possible for seniors to stay in the comfort of their own homes. Caring provides senior clients with professional caregivers who do whatever is necessary to maintain comfortable living in the home. In-home services offered by Caring Senior Services include personal care, transportation, meal preparation,… Read more »

Caring Matters Home Care Jobs (Caregiver, CNA, HHA)

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Caring Matters offers a franchise network headquartered in Reading, PA, specializing in quality, in-home care services for seniors and disabled adults. Services offered include direct personal care services as well as hands-off, non-personal care, companionship, and other assistance to clients.   Where can you find Caring Matters caregiver jobs?  CNA jobs at Caring Matters are… Read more »


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We’ve been getting some questions about the difference between a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) and a CMA (Certified Medical Assistant). And it’s no wonder people are confused – it’s the difference of just one letter! But in reality, CNA jobs and CMA jobs look very different. Let’s have a look…   Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs… Read more »

Calling the shots…

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We have posted a few caregiver facts, questions, and caregiver activity ideas on myCNAjobs blog, but we would love to hear your from you. Leave a comment below! Also, check out our caregiver training and Caregiver Resource Center, which offers lots of tips, hints, and supports for any caregiver!

A Moment of Caregiver Inspiration

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Our myCNAjobs’ Blog serves many purposes, and many times our aim is to share relevant information and support the caregiver community with helpful facts and information. However, we also try to use the blog as a vehicle to show our constant support and to encourage you – our caregiver community! That’s why a while back… Read more »

Caregiver Training Tip – Hair Care

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We’re on a quest to provide a whole bunch of useful Caregiver Training Tips to help you in the day-to-day tasks of your caregiver job. This week’s caregiver training tip is on hair care! Depending on your client’s specific abilities and limitations, you’ll probably have to choose one of two options – go out to… Read more »

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