Receiving CNA certification is a big step in a caregiver career and often attracts a wide array of folks. Here’s a quick guide on what caregiver certfication is, how much CNA school typically costs, and a few tips along the journey of obtaining your degree.

First, note that there are three main types of caregivers:

  1. Non-certified caregivers without any formal training. Often times, familial caregivers start here.
  2. Certified caregivers that undergo a small amount of training, like a 10-hour training course (this is mandated in some states like IL and AZ)
  3. Certified Nursing Assistants are formally trained in a school or university type setting

Caregiver & CNA Pay

Typically, the more you know, the farther you’ll go. CNA’s are often paid a couple more bucks per hour than caregivers without any formal training.  Further, caregiver pay is highly dependent upon your location. If you want to know more about caregiver and CNA pay, check out our free CNA pay guide.

CNA Certification Duration

CNA certification, a 4-16 week program, is offered at multiple universities, colleges, and sometimes even local community outreach centers. Regardless of location and timing, each school prepares caregivers to pass the state CNA exam.

CNA School Cost 

The cost of a CNA Certification program varies drastically from facility to facility.  If you’re looking for the most cost effective CNA school option, check out community colleges – they tend to be more affordable than other programs.

Landing a CNA Job

Now, you’re ready to work and have a variety of options at your finger tips. You can choose to work directly for a client or you can choose to work for a company like a senior homecare agency or nursing home. CNAs choosing to work for a company tends to have better benefits and career growth.

Remember to get the word out DURING your CNA certification process that you’re on the market for a caregiver job – not after.  Many companies like to hire certified nursing assistants during schooling so they can learn the ropes.

One Response to “CNA Certification”

  1. Jeremy

    his seems like a fairly short training period. Is the certification test difficult? It doesn’t seem like you could get really high paying jobs from the CNA license itself, but it would make a great start to a high paying and rewarding career.

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