Thinking of becoming a CNA and obtaining a CNA Certification? We’ve been getting a lot of questions about CNA classes over here at myCNAjobs recently so we thought we’d share with our broader community.

How long is a CNA class?

CNA class duration is dependent upon your specific program and state requirements. Most programs range from 80 to 120 total hours, with the bulk of the hours focused on clinical training. Classes range from full-time sessions that run a few weeks to part-time sessions that run longer in the evenings and weekends. Soon, we’re launching a directory to locate CNA schools based on timing, location, and cost. Stay tuned!

Where can I take a CNA class?

Universities, community colleges, and even local community outreach centers offer CNA classes. When evaluating CNA classes, do proper due diligence to ensure the program is certified and meets your local state CNA requirements. To become a Certified Nursing Aide, you will need CNA certification in each state you intend to work – and it needs to be updated.

If I just show up to class, I’ll get a CNA certificate at the end, right?

No! Obtaining your CNA certification is more than just showing up to your CNA class session. You’ll need to pass a state exam.  The classes prepare you to pass this exam. During class, you’ll be able to practice CNA tests to better prepare yourself for the big day.

After I pass, am I a CNA forever?

No. You need to keep your license up-to-date per the unique requirements of your specific state. The regulations vary greatly by state so it’s important to understand local CNA requirements. Keep up with your CNA training with our CNA CEU modules.

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