We know that you work a Certified Nursing Assistant job because you have a passion for helping people and you want to be a part of giving the elderly the respect and care they deserve. But we also know that you go to work everyday in order to pay the bills! Your CNA pay matters, so it’s important to keep up how  CNA salaries are changing and know what you can expect from working a CNA job.

According to PayScale, who surveyed 543 people, CNAs in 2014 are making the following annual salaries:

  • CNAs working for 1-4 years average $23,180
  • CNAs working 5-9 years average $23,498
  • CNAs working 10-19 years average $24,584
  • CNAs working 20+ years average $29,381

If you’re wondering about CNA hourly wages, typically wages go as follows:

  • CNAs working less than one year average between $7.83 to $12.27 per hour
  • CNAs working 5+ years average between $8.67 to $14.49 per hour
  • CNAs working 20+ years average between $9.22 to $16.51 per hour

These caregiver pay rates have lots of variables – caregiver training, years of experience, and even what state you’re living in. If you’re looking for more specific information on CNA pay rates, check out our Comprehensive Caregiver Pay Guide.

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