To become a CNA in any state, everyone must complete some form of caregiver training. The specific requirements of each CNA program will vary by state, but generally all CNA schools teach the basics you’ll need to know to work a CNA job.

So what can you expect to learn at CNA school?

1. CNA Job DutiesBeing a CNA means being responsible for direct patient care. CNA school will teach you how to properly execute your job responsibilities, which may include bathing, dressing, and feeding patients, performing lifts and moves, collecting vital signs, and administering timely medication reminders. Rather than learning all these skills on the job, CNA school will prepare you ahead of time, allowing you to feeling more comfortable and confident with your job responsibilities. (For more information on being a CNA and what that requires, see our blog A Day in the Life of a Nurse Aide Job.)

2. CNA Job Lingo and Equipment – Every field has its own jargon and that is very true for certified nursing assistants. You’ll learn what “tachypnea” means and start to speak the language of the medical staff you’ll be assisting. Additionally, you’ll learn to operate the equipment you’ll use to care for your patient. For example, CNA school will teach you to use a blood pressure cuff and gauge, and to set up and break down a wheelchair.

3. CNA Job Experience (Clinicals) – Most programs include a hands-on clinical session which will take place in a licensed health care facility. In this phase, you’ll wear a uniform, work alongside medical staff, and complete a series of tasks and requirements for you clinical experience.

CNA school will arm you with the knowledge and skills you’ll need to pass a CNA exam and work a CNA job! For more insight into specific questions that might be on your CNA exam, read our blog on the 10 Things You May Be Asked on Your CNA Exam.

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One Response to “CNA School – What Will You Learn?”

  1. Dani

    I got my CNA license reasonably, everything I have Learned in class was very helpful due to the fact I didn’t know what I would be in for.

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