Hi everyone, Patti here to share some exciting news with you! ABC CNA Training Center awarded their second CNA Scholarship for their June enrollment period. The myCNAjobs Scholarship Team is thrilled to welcome Terrell H. from Queens,NY and  Audrey S. from New York, NY to our program.

Terrell H. applied not too long before his outstanding application was noticed by our Scholarship Team. After speaking to Terrell and realizing his eagerness to change his life I knew we had to award him the scholarship. Terrell has always had an interest in the healthcare field. Ever since high school he has been taking caregiver courses that will ultimately lead him to his dream of being a registered nurse. Terrell is also a youth, health and wellbeing advocate in his community. Not only is healthcare a big part of his life but he is also very passionate about it. Hearing that he received this scholarship, Terrell was overjoyed and ready to finally have a place to begin his career in healthcare.

Audrey S. impressed our Scholarship Team with her story. Audrey has had extensive training in the caregiver field, she took care of her mother for about five years during which she realized that caregiving was her calling. She learned how to administer shots and properly make her mother as comfortable as possible. She hopes to one day be able to make a difference in people’s lives along with bringing pride to ABC Training Center. Her ability to be patient and caring made her the perfect candidate for this scholarship. Audrey has expressed her gratitude for this opportunity to both ABC Training Center and MyCNAjobs.

Both Terrell and Audrey will be starting the CNA training program on June 27th! The staff at ABC Training Center is very excited to have two more caregivers join their program.

Our team here at myCNAjobs believes it is extremely rewarding to see such passionate individuals finally fulfilling their dreams and seeing them make an impact on the healthcare community. We cannot wait to see how many lives Terrell and Audrey can change and how great they will do in this program.

Once they finish training we will also help them find a job. How exciting right?

Stay tuned for more on Terrell’s and Audrey’s great stories and how classes are going for them!

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4 Responses to “Deserving Caregivers Receive the Opportunity of a Lifetime – Thanks ABC CNA Training Center!”

  1. 1533749

    Looking to further my education in nursing love ability to help other looking for further information in regards to the Scholarship

  2. 1693856

    I have been a caregiver for over sixteen years plus I have cared for my entire family plus extended family all while raising my immediate family.
    I learned that this is my passion
    to aid those who are 100 percent dependent on the love, care, and attentive assistance, especially when that certain loved one feels alone and has endured surgeries or has more
    health concerns. I love watching them recover , heal , and watch them smile as each and every life is precious! Elizabeth
    Specialize in Dimentia, memory care, etc
    North County, CA

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