When it comes to homecare jobs, there are a variety of roles available. These roles fall under the same umbrella, but offer slight variations per position. Let’s take a look at the two major homecare jobs—CNA and caregiver jobs—and how they are similar and how they are different:

CNA Jobs

Along with all other homecare jobs, certified nurse assistant or CNA jobs are in high demand. As the aging population grows, more CNAs are needed to work at hospitals, assisted living communities or through senior home care agencies at clients’ homes. CNAs provide daily care to senior clients, including monitoring their vitals and overall mental and physical wellbeing. CNAs must complete CNA schooling (generally 3 to 8 weeks) in order to obtain valid certification. Due to the increased educational requirements, CNA pay is higher than caregiver pay.

Caregiver Jobs

Working as a caregiver is a popular position within the field of homecare jobs. Caregivers perform the non-medical, day-to-day assistance for senior care clients—much like a CNA—but caregiving doesn’t require any specialized training or education. The range of caregiver duties includes helping with feeding, meal preparation, light housekeeping, grooming, errand running, and general companionship. For those looking to advance their caregiving career, online caregiver training is available for a minimal time and cost investment, which can improve one’s caregiver pay and marketability. Caregiver training can provide education on how to work with special population, such as patients with Alzheimer or diabetes. Working as a caregiver is also a great stepping stone for becoming a CNA.

Regardless which route you choose when working in homecare jobs, these careers are rewarding for those who are passionate for caring for others. Plus with competitive caregiver pay, promising job outlooks and flexible hours, homecare jobs are a versatile career path. Would you rather be a caregiver or a CNA?

One Response to “Examining Different Homecare Jobs”

  1. kristie

    I think that this is a very good point i mean some people will think that they want to be a cna then want to be a caregiver you will never know what you want till you try it i know my sister did both and liked the cna job better then being a caregiver.

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