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We recently sat down with the Director of Recruiting, Keriann Moisey, of Cynamed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She currently hires 35 Caregivers, Certified Nursing Assistants and Direct Care Workers a month! New employees are offered flexible schedules, full time hours and weekly pay. She thinks compassionate caregivers are best suited for Cynamed and the health care field. Read more below in our one-on-one interview!


Company Name:


Your Name & Title:

Keriann Moisey/Director of Recruiting

Do you have a Twitter or Facebook account?

No, Not one we are currently using

What’s your website address?

How long have you been in business?

Our company has been in business since 2003.

What positions are you recruiting for now?

Currently we are recruiting for LPNS, CNA’s, & Direct Care Workers

How many caregivers do you hire each month?

We hire at least 35 new caregivers a month to constantly meet the needs of our clients. All of our caregivers are staffed immediately.

Why do caregivers like working for you?

Our employees like working with us due to flexible schedules with full time hours available, weekly paychecks and work opportunities through out the Pittsburgh area.

What’s your on-boarding process for a new employee?

All new employees go through a phone interview, face-to-face interview, drug screening, state background checks, online assessments, professional reference checks, & all employees must maintain all required credentials.

During an interview, what’s most important for you to see/hear from a caregiver?

It is important to our company to hear why the caregivers are in this field. It is also important the caregivers are flexible as the healthcare industry is a 24/7 field.

Tell us about the best interview you’ve conducted with a caregiver and why it was the best.

The best interview I have ever conducted was with a young woman who told me why she was in the medical field. She told me she liked to help people. She then proceeded to tell me she goes into downtown, find the homeless and goes into a McDonald’s and buys each homeless person she sees a sandwich, fries and a drink. I knew right away this was a person I wanted to represent our company. She is in the field because she generally cares about the well beings of others.


Thanks, Keriann! Stay tuned for more weekly Featured Employers!

2 Responses to “Featured Employer: Cynamed of Pittsburgh, PA.”

  1. barbara Lombardo

    I am very interested in a job closer to my home full or part time I am a CNA and rehab. Tec 724-263-4758 Thank You ,Barbara Lombardo

  2. Olubunmi Badejo

    An cna.i have worked as cna with ipsja local government in lagos state of Nigeria.i love working with elderly ones.

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