Hi all – today, we’re taking a tour of Florida. Here’s the downlow on everything you need to know related to becoming a CNA.

CNA Certification Requirements in Florida

In order to work at any facility as a CNA, a Florida state approved certification needs to be obtained. In the State of Florida you need to obtain certification before you can legally provide direct care to patients and residents. There are several different ways to acquire certification. One of the most common ways is to enroll in a training program before taking the nurse aide competency exam, which is administered by Prometrics. CNA training is not a requirement for taking the state exam. However, if you fail the test on three  attempts, you will have to enroll in an approved program before trying to take the exam again. Florida state regulations require training providers to facilitate a minimum of 120 hours of combined classroom, lab and clinical training to nurse aide students.

Become a CNA in Florida

Here are the steps to follow in order to become a Florida certified CNA:

1. Enroll in a state certified school.

2. Complete the training. Take practice CNA exam(this step is optional and may be included within certain CNA courses).

3. Register to take the state CNA exam.

4. Once you pass the exam, apply for desired  jobs!

Local CNA Training Classes

In order to attend CNA training in the state of Florida, the individual needs to be able to understand, read and speak English. If you decide to enroll in a program to prepare for the exam and your responsibilities as a CNA, you can enroll in one of the many programs across the state. If you do not have a high school diploma or GED, you may have to take a pre-admission test to demonstrate your reading and comprehension skills. You must be at least 17 years old, and must be able to pass background screening with nothing on your record.  The average cost of a training program in Florida is $500.

Here are a few local CNA Classes  in Florida

CNA Classes in Miami

Life-Line Med Training: (305) 273-0011

CNA Classes in Orlando

Florida Healthcare Academy: (407) 275-5880

CNA Classes in Lakeland

Elite Healthcare Institute: (863) 669-5373

CNA Classes in Altamonte Springs

The Lighthouse Medical Academy: (407) 339-0087

Search All Florida State Certified Nursing Training Programs

Search CNA Scholarships available in Florida (free CNA training available)

Florida CNA Testing

Prometric administers the written component of the test in Florida through a computerized system. The exam comprises of 60 multiple choice questions, which evaluates your knowledge and skills. You’ll have 90 minutes to complete all 60 questions.

The clinical skills test consists of five skills, which the computer assigns for you to do randomly. The time for your test depends on the skills assigned. Three skills are assigned, and the last two skills test your hand washing and indirect care techniques. You must complete all five skills to pass the clinical component, and both the clinical and written components to qualify for certification.

Certification Costs To Become a CNA

  • Written and Skills Evaluation – $140 (Audio: English, Spanish)

  • Written Test – $35

  • Written Exam Audio – $35 (Spanish and English)

  • Clinical Skills Test – $105

Out-of-State CNAs

If you’re an out-of-state certified nursing assistant, you can apply for reciprocity to transfer your certification to Florida.

  • Your out-of-state CNA certificate must be still active – not in an expired or lapsed status. If your certificate is active, you won’t need to take the state exam.

  • Your registration should be in good standing at your home state registry.

  • You’ll need to submit information for a background check (FBI) in Florida. Note: Apply early because checks can take several weeks to months.

  • You’ll obtain your Florida certification after the Board verifies your out-of-state certification and receives a report of your background screening.

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