Hi Everyone! It’s Chanelle again, here to fill you in about our newest scholarship recipient, Nancy D., and her experience at Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson. Arrowhead CNA had partnered with the myCNAjobs scholarship program last month to award Nancy an opportunity to become a certified nursing assistant.

Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson awarded a full tuition scholarship to Nancy to attend their spring CNA class schedule. This week, I had the pleasure to catch up with Nancy to discuss how the program is going and she described the CNA program to be ‘one of the best things she’s ever done.’ She currently is attending the program’s night classes, along with 5 other students. Talk about some serious student and instructor interaction right?

Nancy loves to be able to work with Janet, owner of Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson, so closely and be able to attend a class where the instructor is so passionate about teaching. Nancy mentioned, “Janet is amazing, she teaches us in ways to help us better understand what we are learning. She even incorporates games and videos to help us learn.” Nancy added that the most interesting thing that she has learned so far in the program is practicing taking blood pressure.

Our main goal here at myCNAjobs is to provide a special individual the opportunity to change lives in the healthcare field. Nancy was awarded the CNA scholarship because she wanted to find a job that she would feel fulfillment with and be happy. At the moment, Nancy is working for Payson’s local Country Lane during the day, where she cares for the elderly. Then at night, she attends her clinical classes, there she gains experience with working with some mentally handicapped individuals. We know those are long days, but we are extremely proud and happy Nancy is getting so much experience with different patients!

When finishing our phone call, Nancy expressed how thankful she is to be given the opportunity. Nancy said she would recommend Arrowhead CNA training to anyone that would like to become a CNA. In fact, she already told a few friends in the community about the myCNAjobs scholarship opportunity and Arrowhead CNA Training of Payson. We appreciate you spreading the word Nancy!

As for now, here is Nancy sporting her myCNAjobs branded scrubs and be sure to check back with us soon on more news about the myCNAjobs scholarship program.

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