Every day across the country, millions of Certified Nursing Assistants, Caregivers, and Home Health Aides go to work providing comfort and care to those who need it most. This week is National CNA Nursing Week, and we want to thank all of the Caregivers for everything they do to enrich the lives of those around them!

It’s not always easy to be a CNA, and it’s a job that can sometimes go without the proper thanks. And while a single week doesn’t do justice to all the meaningful work performed by the loving caretakers across the country, it’s a perfect time to take extra special notice of all the wonderful CNAs and Caregivers in our lives.

We’re grateful for each and every one of you who chose CNA careers, and encourage anyone who wants to become a CNA to take that next step. The world can never have too many kind-hearted Caregivers!


If you’re looking for work near you, check out the jobs available near you at For information on how to become a CNA, you can look through our school directory at Thanks again for all you do!

2 Responses to “Happy CNA Nursing Week from myCNAjobs!”

  1. Esther

    Hello,i am from india & graduated with Sociology honours in 2017 & so i would like to know whether i would qualify to be a caregiver??if no,is there any course i could to do to be a caregiver?
    Thank you.

  2. sharon delois middlebrook

    i mistakenly unassigned myself for alerts at my how can i reassign myself back for alerts

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