If you’re considering caregiver jobs and homecare jobs, it’s important to ask “how much do caregivers make?” Being well-versed in what’s normal for caregiver pay helps develop an understanding of the industry and what you can expect on the job.

An overview of caregiver pay

On average, caregiver pay ranges from $7.89 to $14.20 per hour, with a median rate of $9.25 per hour. Caregiver pay varies by state, city, the employing agency, and level of experience. Generally, caregivers in cities earn more than those in small towns due to cost of living factors.

Increasing caregiver pay

Caregiver pay can be increased through completing additional caregiver training or certifications. Many caregivers often become certified nurse assistants (CNA) to make more money. CNA pay ranges from $8.55 to $16.62, with the average rate at $11.54. The raise may seem small, but over a year or lifetime, the extra pay adds up.

Consider intangibles of caregiver pay

When wondering, “How much do caregivers make?” it’s important to consider other factors in pay such as health insurance, paid time off and other benefits. These offerings are important to consider in a pay package when researching caregiver jobs and homecare jobs, as they contribute to your overall take-home pay and quality of life.

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5 Responses to “How Much Do Caregivers Make?”

  1. shara

    My question is if your employer, is being paid from the state to pay their caregivers, can the employer choose what they want to give you out of the state check.

  2. Avatar of admin


    Hi there – good question. Employers set the pay rate for their employees based on many factors starting with the amount their paid and also taking into account insurance, taxes, etc. There’s often a lot of factors at play.

    • sarah

      i was wondering if someone is staying with a elderly woman and cooking cleaning bathing them.. with no vacation and no taxes being paid by the one who is hiring but it is under table… how much do people charge for that? i am tryin to help my mom, because i feel she is being taking advantage of and she is letting her heart take from her work. she started out with 10 to all people but then told a friend 8. it went from tht to them then asking her to go lower it was too much. so then it was 200 a week and now they went to 150 a week…. i feel given she dont get any special vacations and the one who hired her text at last min telling her they dont need her and they keep wanting her to do it for free basicly. and her cooking cleaning , bathing and sometimes running around paying things for they or goin to pick up take out for them, i feel she should know what she is rightfully due and move on where she is appriciated. its a well to do family so money is not a issue ..
      thank u so much!
      curious caring daughter

      • M. brown

        caregivers salary range from $10.50 to$14.00 hr. in California. In private practice I’ve receive starting $17.00 and He increased it to$25.00 per hr. Also I feel caregivers duties are misunderstood. We as caregivers tend to the care of the person along with performing light house work and preparing a meal or two but not to clean your house that’s for housekeeping. I am of the opinion that your mom is being taken advantage of.


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