Considering a live-in caregiver job? Here’s the lowdown on the differences between an in home caregiver job description from a position within a nursing home or assisted living community.

You focus on one patient instead of dozens

The upside of live-in caregiving positions is the ability to focus on a single client.  The flip side, you better like (or love) your client…you’ll be spending a whole lot of time with each other!

You get to know your patient VERY well

If you’re a people person (and you should be if you’re a CNA/Caregiver!), you probably love talking to people. With live in-caregiver jobs, you have the opportunity to get to know everything about your patient’s life, from their first love to the dirt on the guy or gal next door.

Flexibility, but in a different way

With live-in caregiver positions, you are the go-to person. Often times, there isn’t a back-up ready-to-go in the room next door.  However, you may be able to fit a few more daily routine activities in a live-in caregiver position, as it’s just a way of life (hint: you can grab your milk while at the store picking up your client’s prescription, too).

What do y’all think?

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