Recently, The Huffington Post ran an article called Why This Nurse’s Aide Got Up and Went to Work Every Day. It’s the story of Nancy Martin, a woman who was working as a CNA for 10 years until resigning to be a stay at home mom. She explains to a curious and confused reporter how she could possibly stand the long hours, the demanding workload, the occasional lack of respect, and all the other stressors that come with being a CNA.

Martin’s answer was simple – she loves the elderly. Martin gave what I know to be a very typical response to the inquisitive reporter. She spoke of her calling to care for people, her love for her residents, the feeling of friendship and trust between them, and her feeling of gratitude for such a meaningful career. Sound familiar?

Martin’s feelings about her CNA job are the same feelings I hear from all of you! Truly great CNAs are compelled by a sense of calling or purpose that gets them out of bed each morning. They know they were created to care for others and that drives them to do challenging things. It helps them gain perspective, even when they’re being mistreated by families and supervising nurses. It helps them be patient with an especially stubborn resident. It helps them to cope with grief and keep moving forward to care for others. This CNA calling is what keep you going. It’s a mysterious and wonderful thing.

What about you? When did you know you were meant to be in a CNA job? Comment and share your story with us.

For another reminder on why you became a CNA, check out this amazing video put out by SeniorBridge in our blog, SeniorBridge Releases Inspiring Caregiver Job Video.

One Response to “In The News: One Nurse Aide’s View Of Her CNA Job”

  1. Sasha

    Being with my dad for 6 years at the hospital gave me the best experience..he lost his sight and I was his eyes seeing the world through..being his favorite daughter and raising me with all the love in the world he planted the seed of love for others in my heart..and I became so in love with helping others and specially the elderly..they are our little babies with the need of attention and love..they’ve done their part and now it’s time to give them back..I’m still training and can’t wait to be a True CNA..I guess I am born with it❤️

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