Hi all – today, we’re taking a tour of Maryland. Here’s the downlow on everything you need to know related to becoming a CNA.

CNA Certification Requirements in Maryland

In order to work at any facility as a CNA, a Maryland state approved certification needs to be obtained. Maryland is one of a few states that have progressive programs for new CNAs. When CNAs take these specialty programs, they give CNAs advanced skills that will increase their income earning potential. Federal law permits these additional certifications, and once they are completed, each certification is listed on the CNA certification card. If you’re a certified nurse aide and care for older adults at a licensed facility, you must obtain GNA certification. The Susquehanna Red Cross administers the GNA exam. Once passed they give the names of successful examinees to the Maryland Board of Nursing Board. According to Federal law, if a CNA wants to work in a licensed home health agency, then all CNAs must obtain HHA certification. To be able to administer medicine to patients at a care facility, a CNA must obtain a CMA certification, and If you plan to work at a dialysis units in Maryland, you must complete the CNA-DT program. You can complete this program at any Board of Maryland-accredited institutions.

Become a CNA in Maryland

Here are the steps to follow in order to become a Maryland certified CNA:

1. Enroll in a state certified school.

2. Complete the training. Take practice CNA exam(this step is optional and may be included within certain CNA courses).

3. Register to take the state CNA exam.

4. Once you pass the exam, apply for desired  jobs!

5. Starting working on other Certifications

Local CNA Training Classes

In order to attend CNA training in the state of Maryland, the individual needs to be able to understand, read and speak English. A high school diploma is not necessary, but it is recommended. Some institutes will administer a reading, math and English proficiency tests as part of the application process, and you must be 18. You must also be able to pass a criminal background check and have proof of immunizations. The state of Maryland mandates a minimum 100 hours for CNA training alone. The cost of training programs in Maryland ranges between $600 and $2000.

Here are a few local CNA Classes in Maryland

CNA Classes in Baltimore

Baltimore City Community College: (410) 986-3207

It Works Learning Center, Inc: (410) 626-0200

CNA Classes in Randallstown

Columbia Nursing Assistant Academy, Inc: (410) 701-7415

Search All Maryland State Certified Nursing Training Programs 

Search CNA Scholarships available in Maryland (free CNA training available)

Maryland CNA Testing

The state mandated minimum for Maryland training programs is 100 hours for CNA training alone. All programs must allocate a minimum 40 hours for the clinical component of the program.

Training is available through several colleges and universities, high schools, technical colleges, hospitals, nursing homes and other freestanding programs. It is important that you refer to the Maryland Board of Nursing’s list of approved programs before enrolling in any course because you will not receive credit for non-recognized training.

Certification Costs To Become a CNA

The CNA certification costs $20 initially. The cost is $40 for every 2 years to remain certified.

Out-of-State CNAs

If you’re an out-of-state CNA hoping to work in Maryland, you must meet the Board’s requirements to become eligible for certification.

  • You must have a current and active license in the previous state and be in good standing with the state’s Nurse Aide registry

  • There should be no evidence of abuse or neglect on your current license

  • If you’re not listed on the state registry, you must complete a board-approved training program with 100 hours of training.

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