Are you passionate about caregiving? Do you want to further your education? Is there a specific sector of healthcare that most interests you? If you answered yes to all three of these questions, myCNAjobs encourages you to apply on our Scholarship Page for the chance to receive a tuition-free CNA Scholarship. Hi all, it’s Maggie here from the scholarship team and we have had another scholarship recipient go through a STNA training program in Columbus, OH. Qurshira B. just finished up her two week course at Larock Healthcare Academy and I had the chance to talk with her after the first week of the program to touch base.


Qurshira loves working in healthcare and enjoys helping others who are unable to help themselves. Qurshira has been employed in this industry for several years but thought it was time to continue her education by going through a STNA program. After she passes the state exam and gains more experience, Qurshira has a strong aspiration to get into medical billing.


Larock Healthcare Academy provides their students with great instructors who want to see their students succeed. Qurshira and her 11 other classmates have had two weeks packed with learning new material in addition to their clinical, which provides a more hands-on experience.


Larock’s two-week course has ended and their next one will be starting in June. Qurshira, we are very happy that you enjoyed your time at Larock and are excited to see what your future has in store for you. MyCNAjobs wishes you the best of luck on your state exam!


Monthly scholarships will be given for those who are interested in going through a STNA course in Columbus, OH. We encourage you to apply for a myCNAjobs Scholarship and to research Larock Healthcare Academy.

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