2012-2015 Scholarship Details
myCNAjobs is committed to supporting the education of up-and-coming certified nursing professionals in the United States. Our CNA scholarship program is for students currently pursuing a certified nursing assistant degree with plans to enroll within 60-days of the application deadline date.


Each awarded scholarship is $250.00. Further, myCNAjobs has deep relationships with CNA schools nationwide. Some schools may be willing to double the scholarship – however, this is not guaranteed. After the recipient is awarded, a myCNAjobs representative will work directly with the student to submit payment to the local CNA school.


  • April 2014 CNA Scholarship – submission due March 28
  • July 2014 CNA Scholarship – submission due June 27
  • October 2014 CNA Scholarship – submission due Sept. 27


Applicants must be part of myCNAjobs network and will be selected based on:

  • Submission of a short essay (200 – 400 words) outlining why you want to be a caregiver and why you’d be a good fit for this scholarship. Submit the essay to before the deadline and include full contact information – name, email, phone, and a list of the schools you’re considering attending. Excerpts from your submission essay may be posted in the comment section on this page (contact details and name will be left private).
  • Social signals! Be visible. Talk with us on Twitter and Facebook. Comment on the blog below. Let us know you applied and have your friends share WHY you’re the perfect fit for this scholarship. Our social media team sits on the selection committee so they want to hear from you! Scholarship announcements will be made over social channels.
  • If you’re not yet part of the myCNAjobs network, you can apply for the network here.


$250 paid by myCNAjobs + $250 paid by CNA school or other sponsor

Scholarship Winners

We’re on the search for this years’ CNA scholarship winner. Follow the steps mentioned above in the “Selection Criteria” Section to be considered eligible today!


We’re aiming to build the most comprehensive resource for CNA scholarships on the web. Here are a few that you may be interested in checking out – more will be added reguarly

Johnson & Johnson Nursing
National Nurses United
Sacred Heart CNA Scholarship

If you’re a CNA school that would like to match this CNA scholarship or would like to add your CNA scholarship to this list, please contact

251 Responses to “myCNAjobs Nursing Scholarship Program for CNAs”

  1. Beth

    This is great! It’s hard to find scholarships for CNA degrees. I’m gonna apply.

    • malyah

      It’s hard to believe that I found this website. I have been searching for everything CNA Jobs offers including training…plus a scholarship is possible!? Truly a blessing.

    • 18134

      try and get that LVN or RN degree…not much opportunity as a CNA. Its still pretty low basic work for very little pay.

      • 26922

        Not true work in a hospital I am making 25 dollars an hour been with the same hospital for 20 years.

        • linda winters

          i have been having a hard time trying to get employed at an hospital here in alanta GA have 25yrs. exp.

          • 116892

            Hey Linda: I’m Millicent I have been trying to get a CNA job in Gerogia for over six months now. It is very hard I dont kown what it takes. I had to move out of my apartment and give away my dog because of it. (It) NOT ABLE TO FOND A CNA POSITION. Certified from 1995 to present. Whats going on down here in GA? Please someone anyone HELP !!!

          • mary

            Try to get as job a pca and get your level one med aid and certification. When u go to interview dress in your scrubs, act like a pro and talk only when asked a question and have your answer with possitive imput. Good luck. Hygiene and impressions is everything.

          • 188531

            Hi Linda!
            Sorry to hear you are having a hard time getting work in a Hospital in GA. Yeah, Hospitals are hard to get work. I know my daughter did the right thing by applying for a very small Hospital, right after graduation because she gained skills that she never would have at a larger Hospital. She is an RN but she was told by a Supervisor at a larger Hospital that she never would have gained those skills! So, can u apply at a small Hospital where u could drive to? Maybe, u might have luck with that. You might have to move to another state to do that but then u get experience and probably get the job u want in GA.
            Good Luck!

          • 70456

            205316 gave good advice. Start finding your own people to care for and set your own price.

          • Delora

            I am a CNA in Ga. The problem with Ga is that they don’t want to pay what your worth. If you lower what your asking for, then they wouldn’t mind hiring you. They don’t want to pay for your experience.

          • Karen

            Hi Millicent, ny name is Karen I wanted to share some info. with you. If you are still looking for a CNA position try contacting comfort keepers. Go on line to
            Good luck

        • 15414

          Thats why you make that much…20 years with the same job DUH!! I have 15 years experience and people still want to offer minimum wage… Don’t get peoples’ hopes up….YOU ARE THE EXCEPTION TO THE RULE…CNAs get paid nothing in California

          • 188531

            Hi 15414
            Well, I think California is very hard to get anywhere unless you are an Entertainer. lol
            Maybe you should relocate a few States East. Are you a Cal native?

          • Theresa

            No I disagree. It depends on the demographics of where you are looking for a position. I have been a home health aide (not certified) for 2 1/2 years and this is my second job.I am also in dentistry. I make $20.00 + and more on weekends. I dressed the part for an interview, wear a suit or nice clothing. Look as if you mean business and are confident. Things will improve if you keep a positive outlook because being down does show through. Try to volunteer once or twice a week for two hours or so, work hard you will be noticed. Join LinkedIn, it has helped me so much. I wish you all the best and will be thinking about you.Take care.

          • 280056

            Here in New Mexico they dont pay anything but min. wage. Now they wont even give you insurance you have to purchase it. What is this world going to.

        • 92905

          I am a older adult have been a certified nursing assistant since 1983. I recently moved from the east coast to the west coast and make six dollars less here. I would like some advice on how to make more money or equal pay for the 30 years of healthcare experience.

          • 118661

            go private Here in CA 130-150 for a 24hr live in ,17 for 2hrs, less pay 12.50 for 4+ hrs

          • 205316

            Im in texas and the only way I make money is contracting my own clients because working for companies is working for crumbs. Companies that sent ppl out to homes make 30 bucks an hour and pay u minimum wage. So I started looking for my own clients to work with and I have done well.

          • 274287

            It seems that the cost of living is more on the east coast than on the west coast so of course you would make more over there….

          • 409981

            Hi my name is briana I live in ky and I have been a Cna for 2 yrs now and my Passion is helping others I really want to continue. my career in nursing but have 3 kids and can’t afford to pay and don’t even know where or how to start please help if any suggestions thanks so much same God bless all caregivers and cnas who’s really got their hearts in it.

          • 940818

            How do we go private?
            How do we find clients on our own?
            Thank you for your help.

        • 33655

          Why is it so hard to get into a hospital and do you have any advice when applying for a hospital job

          • 172350

            Working in a hospital is very challenging. But experience count most. Again the chance of getting the jobs a rare and slow coming

        • 156971

          you work in a hospital as a CNA and you make 25 dollars an hour?

          • 290188

            CNA here in California doesn’t make $25 an hour. LVN starts from $20 an hr. Whoever said that, don’t believe them. Good luck, there’s a lot of opportunity here in SoCal for caregivers and cna’s. Min pays for live in caregiver is $160/day and for hourly around $9-$14, it depends.

          • Molly

            There’s CNAs that work in every hospital. There the ones who go room to room- getting vitals, giving spongebaths, passing the lunch trays… It’s the same as a nursing home- the CNAs do the physical side of things-transferring patients, assisting with hygiene & basic care, while the nurses pass the meds & do treatments.

        • 277075

          Hello 26922,
          I don’t believe you’re getting paid $25.00 an hour working as a CNA. You said, you’ve been working in the hospital for 20 years. Yet no-one was or is paying 25.00 an hour for a CNA job. Even if your starting pay was $10 the job wouldn’t have gradually raised your pay that way. They would have nickeled and dimed you to death. Tell the truth about this

          • Molly

            She very well could be making that much an hour, especially if she is full time &works for the union. I started at over $10 an hour, with 2 years experience, back in 2002, at a nursing home ran by the county. If I had been fill time there, and part of the union, I would have been making a lot more, especially with mandatory over time for full timers. I highly doubt someone would waste their time posting lies to a random CNA job site. She was just passing on her experience, which will most likely not be the same as yours, mine, or any other persons on here. She was probably trying to boost moral, verses being negative and complaining. This site is meant to be informative, to be used as a tool in your quest for a nursing career, whether it be for actual employment or to continue training & education. Your comment was rude & less than helpful.

          • 10139

            That was very well said, in a hospital out here in Georgia as an Cna they start you out $13.00 an hour, i’ve been an cna for two years i’ve worked in two nursing home’s, one paid $8.75 an hr the other $9.50 + shift difference, i have always wanted to become an RN but i figured it’s to hard and i can’t afford it, but good luck to each and every one and God bless for those are looking for a job.

          • rhaanda

            I have been a CNA since June of 1990 in ILlinois. I gross more than $4,450 a month no lie working 4 veterans nursing home. state job ok benefits & union. I also used to work 4 county same deal & retirement system coincides.

          • 358748

            Hospitals Pay Cost Of Living And Yearly Raises. My Husband Started OfF Like A HouseKeeper Maybe Two Dollars More Than Minimum Wage. Now After 10Years Later He’s At I Think $19…. Of Course Hospitals Pay More… Just Get Your Foot In The Door Cause It Took Over A Year To Get Hired.

          • Nita

            you can make 20.00 an hr,for that much experience and longevity.It’s call maxed out.If she has in lieu of benefits that also plays a role.

          • CHARLENE

            I have a friend that works for Temple and she makes $21 hour so yes you can make good money.

          • 887099

            hi my name is laquisha allen i am try to go be cna nursing what take to be cna nurse help and is hard to take that cass for cna nurse cassing i like take that what i need to do, get in that cass.

          • 230349

            I was making that when I had my own clients. That’s the best thing to do. Make your own cards and place them on billboard’s.

        • 445322

          You are blessed to have had a hospital CNA job that long. at $25 per hour as a CNA, that is a dream that most of us may never realize.

          • 866017

            Yes, I used to work in Ca. and got 20.00 for private and I known people that as a CNA earned 27.00/per hr. @ the county hospital.
            I am also MA and earned 22.00/hr. I had 2 friends earned 23.00/per hr. for exclusively doing Phlebotomy.
            What I am recommending you is to keep enhancing your knowledge with other certifications as CNA + Medicine Aid because it will help you get the foot on the door of a good hospital. Get Acute Care training etc… Just keep learning until they can’t say no to you anymore!
            You are closer to victory than what you think! Please don’t give up and I hope this post is helpful to many of you!

        • NEL

          wow… really.. thanks for the information been looking for scholarship in nursing LPN to BSN..can u share with me the info about the hospital you are working with im very interested.. im a widow now and alone and wanting to pursue college in nursing.. this would be a great opportunity now for me to move forward in my life.. my hubby leave me of nothing.. so im basically starting my life again from scratch..
          Thank you greatly for your kind help.. God bless u always..

        • 670876

          Are you saying that you work as a CNA and make $25/hr? Or are you referring to something else? Just wondering.

          • 670876

            Please disregard, I see the response:

            Angel Long

            You are correct I was a cna for over 20 years. When being a CNA you are the lowest on the todum pole. I have been in college for 2 years now aiming for my BSN. CNA’s Do most all the work and recieve the less recognition and pay.

            June 22nd, 2013

        • 1692636

          Hello, Can you tell me which hospital is this? Am interested

      • Angel Long

        You are correct I was a cna for over 20 years. When being a CNA you are the lowest on the todum pole. I have been in college for 2 years now aiming for my BSN. CNA’s Do most all the work and recieve the less recognition and pay.

      • Verna

        I am working as a CNA but I would like to advance myself by getting LVN and RN degrees where can I get a scholarship who can help me to get the scholarship .

        • Verna

          I live in Texas and I work as a CNA where can I apply to get a scholarship for LVN and RN degrees .

          • Nita

            You can receive scholarship funds at Work source solutions

    • 59440

      Can’t wait to start my new employment,I’ve always loved helping others,ever since middle school I’ve done lots of volunteer work,and now its time to get back to what I love and that’s helping otheres.!!!

    • guljaan

      Im my county a nurse .There 120 hourse course .I have certifeced.I dont have laise.I need board exam.I need addiress.

      • 277075

        It’s wonderful that you want to become a nurse to help others but you must first learn to speak and write clear English. Studying to become a nurse requires dedication, hard work and discipline. Good luck to you and study study study .

      • 157995

        Vancouver,Wa offers a class and you can get certified for Wa and Or.

    • 233865

      I never knew that there was a web site like this ! Its so hard for CNA’s to get recognized., let alone more schooling an scholarship available. I need to get my recertification done an now I have found some help and support. Thank you!

    • 339431

      i am trying to figure out how to pay for a cna course so any help would be a blessing. This is such a great oppurtunity!

      • kisha

        I used my income tax money to pay and my job is reimbursing every dollar when I pass

  2. Tiffany

    Awesome! I’ll be applying for one of those shortly. They are hard to find.

  3. Lilian

    That is awesome I have been look for somthing like this for a well now. Hard to see one I would be applying soon thanks

  4. William

    I submitted my essay. Working now as a caregiver and going to school for CNA soon. When will I hear back?

    • admin

      William – we received your CNA scholarship application. We’ll announce the recipient January 9th and will notify the candidate the week prior. Submissions are open through December. Thanks, William!

  5. LeonB

    so if I’m going to CNA school in February i can still apply for the scholarship now?

  6. NWIHT Admissions

    And Northwestern Institute of Health and Technology is offering
    C.N.A. courses for 6 weeks only
    The 250 scholarship can be used as downpayment. The CNA graduates is accepted to practical nursing program.

  7. Dhanesh Kumar

    Sir, me dhanesh kumar doing Bsc.Nursing in Liaquat nationa univeristy karachi, pakistan. in final year(4th) year , can i eligible for applying this scholarships. if is their any jobs, then tell me.
    Mobile No.
    +xxxxxxxxxxxx, +xxxxxxxxxxxx

  8. Chris Barker

    I’m glad there is a scholarship for CNA. I Graduated with an Associate in Human Service and hasn’t done me any good. Looking forward to Being certified.

    • admin

      Hey there – did you apply? If not, submit your application to Good luck! And, happy holidays from all of us at myCNAjobs.

      • 2137

        I want to piggy back Ms. Banks, how will we know that our essay was recieved. Please tell me if the scholarship is nationwide or secluded to New Jersey. And lastly, I typed up a 563 word essay (I am that passionate), will it be accepted?

        Thank you

      • 147104

        I am a CNA and never knew about CNA it just for new CNA’s

        • Sarah from Recruitment Squad

          This scholarship is available for those who wish to attend CNA school within two months after the scholarship has been awarded.

          Hope this helped!


          • cassandra

            Hello, I live in houston married and have 4 wonderful kids. I want to get my dialysis tech certification. Can this money be use for this too?

          • 226977

            I truly hope this is true, I will apply for the scholarship , it will help me to pay for C.N.A. Program . Thanks

          • Niki Oberacker

            @SarahFromRecruitmentSquad, I am graduating high school in a few weeks, and with the money I have saved, in addition to a scholarship if awarded, will be attending CNA training the day of! I was wondering there was any 2015 scholarship opportunities??

  9. Brittany banks

    I am really excited about this opportunity I submitted my application and essay how do I know that it was received

    • 2137

      Hey! Just wanted to tell you that about 30 minutes after I sent my essay, I received an automated confirmation via email!

  10. admin

    Brittany – we received your essay for the CNA scholarship on 12/21 at 3:23 p.m.! You’re all set.

  11. 14686

    Hello i just sumitted my application can you please tell me if it came through

  12. admin

    All – our Recruitment Squad and selection panel is reviewing applications for the latest CNA scholarship. The recipient will bt notified this week and a formal announcement will be made shortly. Applications are now open for the next scholarship award – so please apply!

  13. admin

    All – we are pleased to announce the recipient of the first CNA Nursing Scholarship, Brittany Banks for Virginia!! You can learn more about her here:

  14. Ellen

    Can i apply for the schoolarship even if im a Filipina and living here in the Philippines?
    Im working as elderly caregiver for 20years now and want to pursue my education with the certification.Please!!
    Thank you very much!

  15. myCNAjobs

    Hi Ellen – thanks for your interest in the scholarship. All entrants are encouraged to apply and are welcome from every corner of the world. However, the CNA scholarship award must be applied towards an accredited school in the United States.

  16. michael

    If you are already certified as an CNA can you still enter this program and if so are there any limitations

  17. Kishani

    I think this is an awesome and can’t wait to embark on my new career change!

  18. 24284

    this is a great apportunity I’m low income and this will be a good apportunity for me to elaborate some money for my family CNA is my passion I like to help people.

  19. sal jimenez

    A l;ist of states where the CEUs are valid would be a big help in deciding wheter to take these courses

  20. 27678

    I am trying to find a cargiving job and i have already done the cna class i just did get my certification yet. And I need to find a job ASAP. Can anyone help me?

    • 29305

      where are you located? The Sarah community, is a great place to work! It is located in St. Louis Mo. 314-209-7979 or go to the website…www.sarahcommunity. Good luck!

  21. admin

    All – we are reviewing applications and will announce the winner of our Feb deadline scholarship soon! Thanks for entering. If you missed this cut-off, please apply for the next round. We keep applications open.

  22. 30399

    Hello I was wondering if I put a essay in would the Scholarship qualify In Tacoma Wa?

  23. latoya

    Im going to apply for the scholarship. Been looking for a program that has flexible hours…

  24. 34009

    Hi Im here in New York .Is there an accredited school her to apply for the CNA scholarship?


    • admin

      Check out this link You can find programs in different parts of the state.

  25. 32284

    I would definitely love to be able to receive this scholarship, the closest school is in Douglasville, Ga…..not far from me :)



      • Sarah from Recruitment Squad

        You can enter your application at
        For more information you can check out the instructions under “selection Criteria” on this page.

        Good luck!



  26. Keosha

    Hi, my name is Keosha and I’m inquiring about the CNA Scholarship also. In St. Pete, FL, I don’t know of any Cna schools listed. Can you help? PLEASE!!

    Very passionate, enthusiastic and loving

    • admin

      Here’s a link that shows CNA programs in the state of Florida. Choose one closest to you! The scholarship will be applicable to any of them.

  27. 35835

    I am a CNA now and I am looking for n employer that would give me more hours, would this help me? I live in Virginia.

  28. 37495

    Why are there no schools In Springfield no that accept your scholarship?

  29. 37694

    I have been a CNA 15yrs and have had alot of experience i would like 2 get my LVn

  30. 29189

    I have gone from CNA to Equipment Tech to Anesthesia tech and all because of my many years as a CNA. I just love my life but more schooling would be even better. I just love to learn! Everyone have a safe and Happy Easter!

  31. 41027

    where do i go and apply for scholarship..or can you send me a link..

  32. 48129

    I am new here, does any body know were could I get my CNA certifie. I rely love what I do but people have tell me if I get my certification I will get paid more.I live Iin houston, texas if anybody knows please let me know thank you.

  33. Ginalyn

    great!!!…. How can I apply that scholarship… I need that CNA for easier job and good paid as a caregiver now. Give me an info. please?. Thanks!

  34. 52120

    Trying to find C.N.A. classes has been quite difficult without paying an arm and leg. I’m located in Clarksville Tennessee. I’m going to apply for this scholarship but I did not see a school listed near here.

  35. Katie

    We’re do I go to upload the essay? Please someone give me the information thank You!.

  36. 55057

    I couldnt be more interested! I have always been a direct personal caregiver,CPR,first aid injurymanagemaent certifide,massage therepist,lots of training but never certified.Iam even cerified in med .administration.,but again not cna certified.I am in a pickle and REALY need the funds to get certified. Iam a hard worker

  37. 57691

    Any CNA training course in Los Angeles please !!! Help

  38. Marie Hartgrovecn

    Where are the eligible classes located in North Carolina? Thank you

    • 255064

      Not sure if you’re still interested but I took a CNA “tutorial class” in Concord,NC (near Charlotte). It was an 8 hr class teaching you all the 24 skills required to know to become a CNA.
      In the state of NC, you can challenge the state & take the written part of the test which is a multiple choice test & then if you pass that, you go on and take your skills test.
      If you don’t pass the written test, you lose your money & can’t proceed to take your skills testing and your money will be forfeited on that as well. Both tests cost me $101.00 on 8-23-2014 and I passed on my 1st attempt!
      Not hard at all! No such thing as needing to go through a school in NC. The class I took was $250 but not a requirement to take the test in Kannapolis, NC.
      My class was through CNA-Express and they’re in the phone book. They provided me with the book and the instructor was very thorough. Only 12 people per class on a Saturday for 8 hrs.
      I wish you the best!

  39. Elizabeth

    Please please please consider me for the June scholarship.

  40. Elizabeth

    Check out your local Red Cross website. They may have classes and scholarships in your area.

  41. kathleen weber

    can i sign up for get cna certifical online i am patient care tech i went dorsey bussiness school for it.i like to be cna better job

  42. 75718


    • myCNAjobs

      Yes, it’s true :) . And, it’s powered by Acquire. A very well known and trusted caregiver training company.

  43. Hilda

    I wonder if am required to do the CNA training program coz I already completed a comprehensive 1 year Diploma as a medical Assistant,Cpr and first Aid certified.Pretty much covers most the xourse outline for Cna program.Wouldnt it be better to pursue RN nursing program instead?Are there any scholarships for the RN program?Which schools in michigan

  44. Hilda

    Is the $25 CNA program done online?I find it more convenient to study online vs campus.Does cna program require hands on training on campus?

    • sarah

      Great question, Hilda. The training program online is for caregiver training, which is different from CNA training. Some states do not accept online training, because clinical experience is very valuable for CNA students. It’s really up to the individual. Good luck!

    • jeanine fields

      I had 22yrs at a big Hospital. I am60 yrs old. I was certified in my fields. And they managed to get rid of me.

      • Jodi Foster

        Mrs. J. Fields, why with all your medical background were you let go. Dont understand.

  45. 83374

    hallo,am new to your the online CNA Course only for qualified CNA’s?

  46. crystal

    Is there a school in palm harbor FL IM so happy to have found this site thanks so much for the help

    • sarah

      Hi Crystal! Try contacting your state Nurse Aide Registry to find the closest accredited CNA program. Here’s the directory:

  47. Christina

    Wow! This is great news! I am already a CNA (since 2010) and after 3 years I am ready to further my education and become a LPN… Could anyone please tell me a link for schools in PA? LPN/LVN programs are hard to find too…

    • The Recruitment Squad

      Hi Christina!
      PA is also a great career. We don’t have resources for PAs just yet, but I’m sure there are a ton of available resources online. We wish you the best of luck on your search!

  48. 87599

    I am so bummed that I missed the cut off for this last CNA scholarship, but I will be sure to enter my submission for this next upcoming one. I have been in the healthcare industry for over 10+ years, looking to do more specialized care as a CNA now.

  49. Alizhia

    I just submitted my Essay and can’t wait to hear if I have been chosen as a recipiant. I am so glad I found

    • The Recruitment Squad

      Thanks for applying! We received your application and we’re in the process of selecting a recipient. Best of luck!

  50. Crystal (C.C.)

    I have been working as a caregiver for the last 5 years. I would love to become a CNA and this scholarship would definetly help with that.

    • The Recruitment Squad

      Hi Crystal! Did you apply yet? We look forward to hearing from you soon!

  51. Saundra

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I am very interested in applying for the CNA scholarship. Will someone share where to get application? I have looked on this site but somehow I have missed it.
    Thanks. Have a marvelous week!!!

    • sarah

      Hey Saundra,

      There is no application you have to download. You just have to submit of a short essay (200 – 400 words) to
      Check the “SELECTION CRITERIA” for more details!

      Good luck!

  52. Lori

    Are there CNA Certification classes in the upstate of SC? Would they be available with your scholarship?

    • Sarah from Recruitment Squad

      We work with the schools to award the winner a scholarship. And we don’t have the complete list of certified CNA courses available in SC, so we recommend getting in touch with your state’s nurse aide registry. You can find their contact info here:

    • 255064

      There are CNA classes in SC. They are located in Rock Hill I know. Contact your State Nurses Registry for more information!

  53. 56329

    I’m a Certified Medical Asst. & am unable to get even a CNA job w/o that specific certification. Does anyone know if you can take CNA classes online? Or can you just take the exam online? There’s a school listed in GA, but it’s too far from my home. Any info. Would be appreciated!!

    • 128433

      Check with your local nursing homes, they sometimes offer CNA Classes. That’s how I got my license. If they don’t offer classes they can tell you where you can take them in your area.

  54. Cintia Cruz

    I received a CNA/PCT license but my CNA license lapsed and I have tried to get recertified via and I recently took a Written CNA exam and passed and the Clinical Exam which I felt I also passed was not a pass because the instructor says that I failed the indirect care portion of the exam. I feel that the instructor is unfair because I did my part of indirect care while taking the exam, I really feel ripped off by the prejudice instructor who was rude to me while I took the entire exam. I was there to Re Certify along with recently graduates and the instructor treated me with indifference and outright prejudice how can I rectify this. I am currently working as a Caregiver doing Live-In cases with the FairField Family Care Company in Stamford CT.

    • jeanine fields

      Maybe a another type of career ,if you are younger.

  55. Cintia Cruz

    Need help to get my CNA license to be able to apply for Hospital PCT jobs.

    • Sarah from Recruitment Squad

      Hi Cintia!

      We’re excited that you want to take your career to the next level! In order to apply for our application, then you can submit your essay to

      Good luck and we look forward to your application!

  56. Marion

    I am interested in becoming a nurse. I would like to start off as a CNA or Home Health Aide. I would like to be of assistant to someone to prevent an emergency should happen.
    I lost my mother. She fell to the floor and there was no one to assist her. I truly believe if I was there to give her CPR, she would be alive. There is a possibility she would have survived. I want to be able to save someone in need of assistance. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else. If I can save someone’s life, I am willing to give my all in doing so.

    • sarah

      Hey Marion,

      Your story is truly touching and we’re inspired by your dedication to the industry. We encourage you to apply for the scholarship, and we look forward to reviewing your application. You can refer to the application instructions in the “Selection Criteria” section. Thanks and best of luck!

  57. Alyssa

    I’ve witnessed the mistreatment of elders in a community by CNAs and it was horrifying to me. I became a caregiver and that is what I am doing now but I want to further my career to become a CNA. I put in my essay for the October 2013 scholarship! Keep your chin up guys and gain the spiritual rewards from being a CNA not material rewards

  58. jennifer

    This is wonderful. Could anyone tell me of any CNA classes that are done in the Nashville, Tn area? I have been in the Healthcare industry for many years and have been unable to locate one unless you sign a contract within a company to participate.

    • sarah

      Hi Jennifer! You can contact your state nurse to learn more about the legitimate programs in your area. Here’s a link to our nurse aide registry directory:

  59. 152897

    Hello are you going to have a drawing nov.2013 I have my phlebotoemy national certification, I have my E.C.G cerification now I need my C.N.A to get a good job.

    • Sarah from Recruitment Squad

      Hi there! The CNA scholarship is not a drawing. We carefully select the winner after reading over their application. The October deadline was the last for this year. However, we will be selecting new deadlines for 2014. Stick around and check out our Facebook for the announcement!

  60. cassandra

    Okay, I made pretty good money being a cna I love my job. Some people my say how cleaning up after someone and caring for them is hard. But, in reality we all!!! Will be put in a solution and we all!! Will get old so instead thinking negative, I think it a wonderful career to grow. Thanks

  61. 155662

    Hi everyone. New to the site. Amazing. I have been a CNA for 12 years. Here in shreveport CNA jobs are everywhere. But the thing is, the pay. We are the backbone of the facility. It is sad that we are so underpaid. A lot of these facilities don’t offer benefits that truly amount to anything. No retirement. I pray everyday for a change I. Circumstances. We ad CNAs need to stand for something or else we will fall anything. I just graduated fro school also in June. I am now a NATIONAL REGISTERED CERTIFIED MEDICAL ASSISTANT. Funny thing it is, I have been out of school for 4 months. Applied for all kinds of MA jobs. Still nothing. I am still working as a CNA. I spent 9 months busting my honey, working full-time and school full-time. Straight A student. Perfect
    attendance. It is amazing when a

    slacker gets the job . I just pray and ask God to open that door

    when its
    my time. A lot of competition. Have a great day. Keep your head up and don’t give up on your dreams. God had a plan and a direction for us all. Remember “You reap what you sow”. Treat others s you

  62. 161806

    my name is shena saiz and would like help on getting my cna license. please help if can?

    • sarah

      Hi Shena,

      If this is regarding the scholarship, it is unfortunately past the scholarship deadline for October. If you’re contacting us for more information about CNA programs in your state, the best place to reach out is your state nurse aide registry. Here’s the Nurse Aide Registry directory off our site:

  63. 169066

    I’m in Houston, Tx… when I first received my CNA Certification, The pay here was not good, or at least not as well as what I was making working in Austin Texas, so I left the field to pursue more money, but I’m not Happy. I want to follow my dream of being a Nurse…but my certification has expired…. will this scholarship program help renew my certification

    • Sarah

      Hi! No, this scholarship will not help you renew your certification, but you can contact your state nurse aide registry to learn more about getting your certification renewed. Here’s the Nurse Aide Registry directory off our site:

  64. 14462

    I have been doing this since 2004. I just need to get certified for everything here in Flagstaff, AZ. Can someone guide me who is doing just CNA classes..I work minimum wage now..I have never worked for less than 10.00 an hr..

    • Sarah from Recruitment Squad

      Hiya! If you’re looking for a CNA course to attend, then check out our CNA school guide here:

      Best of luck!

  65. 174779

    Hello ive seen the scholarship deadline but in another post seen until december. Are you still able to apply? I have taken a course except state board due to an injury was let go from class….can you get some credit for previous schooling elsewhere??

  66. 178814

    I have not been able to find a job in GA since I got certified. Does anyone know of any places hiring?

  67. 187544

    Great industry that deserves encouragement. The plight of employees should be looked into if truly they furnish the services required. COURAGE TO ALL!!!!

  68. 208366

    Hello im in bradenton fl do I qualify for the cna scholarship trying to get my license back

  69. 209327

    I sent my application in , not sure if it was received. Really hope I can get this chance . Will I get a email

  70. 210123

    I was wondering how the scholarship works , Can you use it towards a LPN nursing program?

  71. 213301

    I have worked for the state of NY for 15 yrs and hav taken care of all typed of people (disabled, psychiatric, people who need total care & people who just need some help doing basic living skills.) I would love to become a CNA and I’m looking forward to moving to Hawaii..have visited 4 times and trying to find a job so I can move and make Hawaii my home!!

  72. Tammie Law

    Hi, my grandmother was a CNA for 28 years and when I was younger I would go to the houses with her, and she taught me everything that I know. Well, I have been a caregiver for a little over 7 years and I have wanted to be a CNA for about 18 years. I would love this oppurtunity. I want to follow behind my grandmother, and well regardless, I will continue being a care giver because it is my life calling.. It is what I was put on earth for.

    • sarah

      I think you have a beautiful story and a real heart for this industry. Definitely look forward to reading your essay!
      -Sarah from The Recruitment Squad

      • lakesha

        Hello I have been a cna since 2002 I moved to california two years ago n they didn’t take my certification here. How can I get certified again? Currently I’m takin the medical assistant class at Everest I already was working as a M.A.

  73. 228211

    205316- sorry put wrong do you contract your own clients?

    • sarah

      Hiya! Are you looking to work with clients individually? We work mostly with partnered employers who are constantly hiring, and currently do not have positions for caregivers to contract patients directly. Feel free to ask further questions through chat!
      -Sarah from the Recruitment Squad

  74. Kristen

    I just submitted my scholarship essay ! I’m so thankful for this opportunity. I have been working as a CNA for about 7 months, but am looking to continue my nursing career by pursuing a bachelor’s in Nursing.

    • lashay jones

      Hello my name is lashay Jones I have been a care giver for many years I started off young taking care of my grandmother I think that the scholarship would be great for me because I don’t just do care giving to do it taking care of the elderly is my passion I love being able to help someone and to see the looks on there faces is amazing it touches my heart for some reason I just connect very well with the elderly its a wonderful feeling I actually hold a caregiver position I want to take the care giving to the next level by becoming a CNA to better my career I want to walk up the ladder from a CNA to a registered nurse the nursing field is for me its what I love to do I just want to better my life for my children and myself I want to show them that anything is possible and if I can do it they can to it would be a big blessing to get the scholarship because paying it out of pocket is very expensive with a little help I would be very thankful I am always told that I’m young with an old soul because I fit in perfectly with the elderly they get attached to me as well as I get attached to them the only down fall about being a care giver is that u get so attached to them and they pass that’s very heart breaking but that’s the risk i take because I enjoy and love what I do so if u choose me for the scholarship or not then I still would like to say thank you for even reading a piece of my life and my job choice and I will continue to do what ever I have to do to Persue my dream. Thank you again and may god bless you all.
      Name: Lashay Jones
      Contact information:XXXXXXXXXXX

      • sarah

        Hiya Lashay!

        I’m Sarah with the Recruitment Squad. I’m really looking forward to your application for the scholarship, but the best way to apply would be through the steps described in the “Selection Criteria” above. Also, I would highly recommend you to be careful and not post any contact information. This will protect your private information from those who may use it for spam. Best of luck!

  75. Andrea Taylor

    I am from Texas and I am trying to get funds together to go to cna classes in Alabama and but I will be moved to Georgia in a couples of week and I am trying to get a lists of places to apply for help if you can working at the nursing home are hospitals there if some one can help me found out where I can get the information on where I can get cna classes or whatever I just need help in getting starting .

  76. 274429

    After years of working for industries, I find that what people need most is a tender hand, a caring spirit and dignity. We are entering a threshold of the “baby boomers” retirement. There are so many individuals who have no one to support them through their struggles. It is not simply health difficulties that people are suffering with. We must include they are in need of friendship, empathy, dignity, and respect. I have a masters degree in counseling, yet the majority of the individuals seeking help in this arena are those who suffer from addiction. I am exhausted with this modality. I am a spiritual person, who recognizes and has witnessed the “sick” and the “elderly” whom are in great need of not only medical competent caregivers, but for “Care” givers and all this entails. A person who is willing to listen, laugh and cry with. Boundaries of course are a necessity, and health care is the primary function. Yet this includes so much more than the “medical” side. It is encompassed by compassion, and a trueness of the individuals needs to be validated as a human.
    I would love the opportunity to aid those who are in need of all.
    I am honest, a true caring person, intelligent, a quick learner of the requirements, along with insights that are not taught, yet instinctive. I am able to grasp the true nature and meet people where they are currently at in their lives. I have an ability to make one feel comfortable and show compassion – not pity. No one deserves to leave this world or struggle alone. This is sometimes even more healing then simply “medicine”. Once again. I would love the opportunity to interview at your convenience. I hope you grant me the opportunity.
    I am not sure what schools to gain the certification in my area are available. As stated prior- I do hold a Master degree in counseling, yet a scholarship to offset the costs would be useful, as I have been struggling financially. I have raised 5 children single handily for 20 years, the last of which is now 21 years of age. I am now able to begin a path of my own, I am able and willing to relocate and or be available to live in care giving.
    Laura Harman

    • sarah

      Hi there!

      I’m Sarah with the Recruitment Squad. I’m looking forward to reading your application for the scholarship, but the best way to apply would be through the steps described in the “Selection Criteria” above. Best of luck!

  77. 287389

    When I was just out of high school I looked into becoming a CNA and than due to many setbacks I never pursued it. Over the years i did security and cleaning work. Always struggled to pay bills etc. Went to college for a degree as a paralegal, again had some setbacks so I never finished. Lately I have been looking into being a CNA. I applied for some jobs that were hiring for caregivers around my area (upstate New York). I m worried due to my lack of experience in this feild. How should i approach this situation in an interview. Do you think employers would hire someone to give them a chance or am I going to struggle with this career choice? Any advice would be great! Thank you

  78. 294409

    I’m look for any one to help me in Ct to get help paying for me to go to do my CNA . I have worked as a Homemaker a Companion and I have also done PCA work but I would love to become a CNA and I need help doing it so many places looking for CNA’s but not willing to help getting they and it is hard to come up with the money when you I a child and bills to pay.

  79. 319901

    I would love the opportunity to get this scholarship. I’ve wanted to start my journey to becoming a CNA for a while now. This would be a great time to do so.

  80. 320285

    i would love this opportunity to get this scholarship. I’ve Wanted to start my journey to becoming a CNA for a while now. This would be a great time to do so.

  81. Kursa

    If I were to take the cna classes and get certified in philadelphia and at the end of this year I plan on moving to Florida do I have to retake the course and get certified in that state

  82. Antoinette

    I am excited about becoming a CNA, I am so glad I found this website and this scholarship

  83. Antoinette

    I am going to school to become a RN and have been looking for a job in the medical field to get some experience while in school. I had applied for office assistant jobs at doctor offices but they all said I needed some experience . I found out about a CNA class from a friend. I cant wait to start

  84. 421821

    I cant wait to get back in the field again! This time with a shiny new CNA degree, thanks to the $250 scholarship I am about to receive!

  85. Antoinette

    Antoinette Morrison

    I want to become a caregiver because I have always had a passion and a dream to care for people. My first experience I can remember was when my grandfather was sick and in pain. He had extremely bad back pain to the point where he could barely walk. I cared for him ad much as I could gave him pain medicine to ease the pain. I Made sure he was comfortable on his bed. But nothing worked , so I was forced to call an ambulance for him. The next day after he left the hospital he was feeling much better. He called me and thanked me for taking care of him and told me how much he appreciated me for being there for him. Although I couldn’t ease the pain ,the fact that I had made some kind of impact ,that I had him feel better in some way was enough for me . It made me happy to know that I could help someone and that was enough for me . That was when in I knew I wanted to be a care giver.

    I think I would be the best fit for this scholarship because I am very passionate and dedicated about becoming a caregiver. I am always looking for a way to help people even by volunteering .Getting this scholarship would be well appreciated and would not go to waste. Becoming a CNA would give me the perfect chance to do what I love best and would give me the experience I need to purse my other career goals. I plan on beginning as a CNA while attending school obtaining my associates degree as an RN. My dream and goal is to become a Neonatal Nurse and work for Cobb Well Star, the hospital where I was born

  86. 367286

    Hi myCNAjobs!
    I love your website and have found many job opportunities in my area that would have been much more difficult to find without a site like yours. I’m eligible to apply once I’ve completed training, so I applied for the July scholarship! Thank you so much for the opportunity, I am truly grateful!
    – Heather

    • 895621

      Hi I am looking for a class that give the CNA course free I am unemployed right now and I would like to qualify myself so I can get a job I have a lot of experience in this field .

  87. 427142

    Hello I have just recently applied for the July scholarship. I currently work as a part-time caregiver at a senior living facility. I work in the Alzheimer’s and dementia unit. I wish to open my options to working in private care, so I have decided to get my training and become certified. I would really appreciate the help. Thank you for your time.

  88. Jodi Foster

    Hello, I am new to this CNA site and I have been reading all the posts that is so important to us all. I am a Certified Nurse Tech as well, total years 27 ( sence age of 17 ) I want to seek my LVN as its very important but I have no funds to do so as I am a single mother as I just lost my job. If anyone is seeking a CNA – very helpful,loving, goes out of their way far and beyond… please do call me at 832-396-9942 . Iam seeking 40 hours a week in a Hospital as I have my resumes and applications out right now to 5 different Hospitals . I have worked with HOSPICE ( THIS IS MY CALLING for sure ) Private Care, Home Health Care and nursing homes… I cared for my father for 9 full months as he had Prostate Cancer and a Brain Tumor … and loved dad so very much.. I had dad on Hospice also, he is in heaven with our lord flying with the angels. I now care for my mother as well. I am seeking to care for a loved one, a child to ease the burden off of the family – God says in the bible…. Help take care of those who can not care for them selves. I love caring – its my calling from God.
    Thank you, Jodi
    Webster, Texas
    God bless.
    My E-MAIL IS :

  89. 501628

    I have been a CNA since 1997. I have recently relocated to Tx from Tn and remarried this past July
    In the midst if the move and getting settled, I had been trying to get my CNA lic transferred over. Did all the things I was suppose to do. By the time they finally found me in the registry of TN state boards my lic has expired. I have been searching for months to find a facility that does free retraining for certification etc. It’s a small area we are and everything is up to over an hour away or more. Any advice would surely help. This is my first time on this site and seems to be good. I miss my job. My career and am so ready to get back to doing what I love. Helping others and fulfilling their needs. Thank you in advance for and suggestions or advice

  90. myCNAjobs

    All – we have gotten in touch with the next scholarship winner. We will make the announcement within the next week!

    • SBanks

      There are no 2015 scholarships listed. Are there going to be scholarships available in the future?

  91. 547838

    Hi recently applied for the October scholarship award. Looking forward to hearing from you guys and starting a new career in nursing. Whoohoo!

  92. 572489

    I need to get reinstated for my cna-1 in NC .I was also cna-ll but didnt get my license turned on time so do I start all over?

  93. Irene

    Is this scholarship still open for 2015? There is no updated information for this year.

    • Niki Oberacker

      I will keep a look out, as I am wondering the same thing!! But if you find any information, will ya let me know through the comments??

  94. 708825

    I have just put in my essay for consideration for the CNA Scholarship! I am really crossing my fingers because this could allow me to start my career NOW instead of next year!

    • Niki Oberacker

      Are there still CNA Scholarships for 2015??

  95. Molly Brannen

    I have always dreamed if being a RN because i have a passion for helping people. Unfortunately i did not finish high school and now i am a 22 year old stay at home mother of two boys, thr eldest being 3 years old. I do not have ANY type of work history. And now i am in DESPERATE need of a FULL time job to support my children. I have been looking for work for months and i have come up with absolutely nothing. I will gladly accept any advice possible. Thanks for your time and GOD BLESS

  96. Niki Oberacker

    I was wondering if there are any 2015 CNA Scholarship opportunities that I could take advantage of?? That would help me out a great deal!!

  97. Peter

    We’ve just launched a CNA Scholarship over at my organization. I was hoping I could get the link listed to this page to increase exposure to the scholarship to allow more people to apply to it.



    • 866017

      Can you make that information available? Also where are you based. Remember the Lic. doesn’t come with reciprocity priviliges!

  98. Luke Herndon

    I was once a Cna Was pretty good but i forgot to transfer my licence and i really wanna get back in the field and hopfe ully try and get in the nursing field. I could use some help with the funds cause epileptic but other then that thats all thats wrong with me but i would really like to show them that i can succeed and show my family and the rest of the world i can succeed. that im not a disabled person like they think iam i want to show them that im more and i can be more then this. if you guys could help that would be great i wanna eventually persue my masters in nursing idont have an associates but i know can due it i just little bit of help.

  99. Amanda

    Any one know where i can get Certified care giver license from Louisiana and how much that cost ?
    I want to take care elderly people.

  100. 1053942

    Hi I submitted my 2016 Scholarship application and hope to hear from someone soon.

  101. bettie andrews

    My children wanted CA FTB 592 some time ago and came across an excellent service that has lots of fillable forms . If people are wanting CA FTB 592 too , here’s

  102. 1458872

    I just applied for the scholarship. Wish me luck! I really want to become a CNA.

  103. 1752242

    I am in Grand Prairie, TX. I really really want to become a CNA, but I can’t pay for the class. I tried to find some where I could work for them, and they pay for my CNA class, but all they need is at least 1 year of experience.
    Can I apply for this scholarship and go to school if I win this scholarship?
    Thank you!

  104. 1638068

    This is an awesome site. I also applied awhile back, but haven’t heard back yet. I think it is great what you are doing for the health field.

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