CNA Job Application Tips from myCNAjobs – Vlog Post #8

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Happy Friday from all of us at myCNAjobs. To end the week on a high note, I want to offer a few tips for all of our friends out there that are looking to apply for CNA jobs. In addition to checking out all of the great CNA job resources with us..hint..hint…it’s important that you take time, thought, and energy when competing your CNA job applications – no matter where you may be filling them out.

We see a lot of CNAs out there get so darn excited after finishing CNA school, that they lose the wind in their sails when it comes to giving a job application the attention it deserves.

Keep in mind that employers that are looking to hire you want to know more than a few bullets on paper. Caregiving is such a personal job – they want to know who you are as a person. Take the time to elaborate on all of the open end questions on a job applications. If an employer is asking an open ended questions like…why should I hire you….they are looking for more than a one sentence answer. They want to know how you think and where your heart is.

It seems simple, but keeping this tip in mind will certainly help you land your next CNA job. To fill out a CNA Job application, visit

In Home Care Jobs – myCNAjobs Vlog Post #7

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Hello all, it’s Chelsea here from the myCNAjobs recruitment squad. During this segment, I’m going to address the various caregiver duties of in home care jobs.

A caregiver for the elderly that’s working in the home of a client works a bit differently than working in a clinal setting like a hospital or nursing home. Typically, an in home caregiver provides personal care assistance like bathing and grooming from the comfort of a client’s home, cooks meals, monitors the client’s vital signs, helps run household errands, and will even help with light housekeep duties in an effort to keep a home as comfortable as possible.

If you’re interested in pursuing in home care jobs or want to learn more about caregiver pay, be sure to check out our free resources at myCNAjobs and to get connected with local opportunities in your area, visit myCNAjobs.

Where do CNAs Work? myCNAjobs Vlog Post #6

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Hey guys. It’s Chelsea again from myCNAjobs recruitment squad. In today’s vlog post, I’m responding to a question from someone in our caregiver community that wrote in and asked – “I’m considering a career as a CNA and I’m wondering…where do CNAs work?”

CNAs work in a variety of settings and CNA duties vary greatly based on the patient or patients that a CNA is serving. Many CNAs work in long-term care facilities like nursing homes and assisted living communities. Some CNAs work in hospitals and a lot of CNAs work directly for a senior home care agency in a client’s home – often called an in home care job – allowing someone to get care from the comfort of their own territory.

Actual CNA descriptions and duties within each of these businesses vary and as I mentioned before, duties vary even more by the patient. To learn more about how to be a CNA and a day in the life, check out the free resources at

Caregiver Pay: How to get better Caregiver Pay – myCNAjobs Vlog Post #5

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Today, I’m talking about something we ALL want to know — How to make more money. For all the non-certified caregivers out there, your best bet to get better caregiver pay is to get some training. You have a couple of options — take online caregiver courses like we offer here at myCNAjobs or find a local CNA school.

The median pay for a CNA is $1.53 higher/hour than the median pay for a caregiver. It may not sound like much, but over a year, it can mean a difference of almost four thousand dollars! Check out the resources on myCNAjobs to learn more about caregiver and CNA pay.

CNA School Websites That Don’t Suck

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We hate to say it.  Yes, we really do.  However CNA schools and CNA programs are NOT known for having the most user friendly, informative, or accurate information online.  So, as we’ve been scouring the web hunting for CNA school partners, we came across a few websites that we’re helpful…and we wanted to point them out.  Well done, guys! And cheers to other CNA programs following suit.

CNA School Websites That Don't Suck

A look at CNA programs and CNA school websites that are useful…not dreadful

Caregiver Job Application Tips – Vlog Post #4

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In today’s vlog post, we want to offer a few pointers in filling out your caregiver job application. In addition to double checking your application, you want to make sure that 1) it’s grammatically correct and 2) there aren’t any errors. It’s important to let employers know who you are as a person. Employers want to understand your motivations for being a caregiver and why you’d be a good fit for their jobs. So, take extra time to write a couple paragraphs about your background and experience — it counts. To apply for a caregiver or CNA job today, visit

What is a Caregiver? -myCNAjobs Vlog Post #3

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Today’s post is in light of a very basic question that we often get from newbies to the industry – what is a caregiver?
To us, a caregiver is someone who cares for those in need. Seems simple enough, right? However, a caregiver role varies based on your patient. Most caregivers are responsible for grooming, light errands, and assisting with daily living activities like helping someone get around and meal preparation. Then, depending on the status of a patient, duties start to veer from here.

If this sounds like something you find interest in, you can get more details at

Socia Media Tips for Caregivers and CNAs – Vlog #2

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You’ve seen us on twitter, and we’ve seen you! We know most of you have a twitter or a facebook and we wanted to provide one little tip – it’s important to keep in mind that employers may search for you online before they hire you.  The classier you keep your online image, the bigger your leg up in getting an awesome job.  Keep this in mind when you’re tweeting and always remember never to disclose anything bad about an employer or patient — IT WILL come back to bite you.  We’ve seen it.  So, keep on tweeting and keep it clean.  For more caregiver career tips, checkout myCNAjobs.  To apply for caregiver jobs, visit our caregiver job application.

CNA Job Interview Tips – Vlog 1

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In this myCNAjobs vlog clip, a member of the recruitment squad shares what senior employers – senior home care agencies, nursing homes, and assisted living communities – want to hear during a caregiver or CNA job interview.

Check it out to learn CNA and caregiver job interview tips, caregiver interview questions and answers, and for more CNA and caregiver interview tips, download the free caregiver and CNA interview guide:


Resumes for CNAs: A Step by Step Guide

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Do you realize that many caregivers walk in for a caregiver or CNA interview without a resume? Shocking! First, it’s unprofessional. Second, it’s an opportunity. If you have a resume – and it’s well written – you’ll stand out from the pack and be more likely to get a caregiver or CNA job.

Here are a few tips on how to write a CNA resume:

1) Grab a computer and open up a word processor – We’re big fans of Microsoft Word, as they usually have templates to help you organize your resume, and give it a little flair! Also, make sure you keep it to one page! Soon, we will be launching a free caregiver resume template…so keep an eye out for it.

2) Provide accurate contact information – This should be displayed clearly at the top of your resume. That way, it’s easy to find. Make sure it has your name, address, phone number, and email address. If you don’t have one, create one on gmail.

3) Mission Statement – Sell yourself! This is the opportunity to write a few sentences on why you want to be a caregiver or CNA. And a tip from our caregiver and CNA interview guide, SHOW PASSION!

4) Experience – This is where you list past jobs and relevant experiences

5) Education – Where did you get your CNA certification? Did you graduate with any special honors or awards? If you don’t have your CNA certificate yet and you’re working as a non-medical caregiver, focus on any caregiver training you’ve had – both on-the-job and formal online or offline training.

6) Skills – Do you have any special skills or extra certifications that will help you on the job? Let yourself shine!

7) Spell check and proofread – After checking the spelling and grammar of your resume, do it again. Then, ask a friend to do it. Then, ask another one. Seriously, it’s important to have multiple review a resume.

Working as a caregiver? Here are a few caregiver resume tips:

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