Hey everyone! Patti here again with some more wonderful news! We’re excited to announce that Quality CNA/CMA Classes has not only awarded their second scholarship but they have become continuous partners with myCNAjobs. They will be giving away one scholarship every other month! This month the scholarship was awarded to the wonderful Elissa C.

Elissa has always had the passion for healthcare and medicine. When she was a little girl she would always be interested in the books her great-grandfather would bring home. She would constantly flip through the books studying the words and pictures. Elissa believes that the ability to work as a CNA will give her “the opportunity to gain more experience, to bond with patients and make a big impact on the lives of others”.

Eventually Elissa hopes to become a surgeon but she wants to start from the basics because she believes that is the only way she will be able to appreciate what she does. She hopes to not only be able to represent herself in the field but to represent Quality CNA/CMA as well as myCNAjobs.

Quality CNA/CMA is located in Omaha,NE and has a very prestigious CNA/CMA program. They previously awarded their scholarship to Kiley Goodman who completed the program in the spring. The full-tuition free scholarship awarded will now be awarded every other month. With this opportunity we are able to send more caregivers like Kiley and Elissa to school.

Thank you Quality CNA/CMA for your partnership!

To apply for the myCNAjobs scholarship program, you can fill out an application here. Otherwise, check out more news about our other scholarship winners.

4 Responses to “Quality CNA/CMA Classes Continues our Partnership and Changes a Caregiver’s Life”

  1. Mary E Guerrero

    I am very interested in furthing my education in the medical field .
    I am a CNA and have prior experience in Dr s office , hospital nursing home .
    I have taken EKG course, Medical Terminology and Unit Secretary.
    I truly enjoy working in the medical field and want to advance in this area. I am a hard worker, work well under pressure and multi tasking.

  2. Gwendolyn Baugh

    I am looking for classes to become a certified medication aide
    I am already a certified Nursing Assistant

  3. Avatar of 468107


    I am seeking a scholarship that will pay for my tuition as a CNA. This is a most rewarding career as you can always find the space in which to practice your skill while reaching your most appreciative group, the seniors.

  4. Avatar of 1311663


    I applied for a CNA Scholarship today in hopes to further my education. I would like a rewarding career. I previously worked at Children’s Hospital for about 16 years. Until, I lost my job behind both parents becoming very ill and passing away, five months apart. So, helping my love ones, I would like to extend my compassion to Seniors. I do have a very giving heart and I enjoy helping. The medical Field is my passion and I want to further my education. So, I pray and hope I will receive the CNA Scholarship to pay for my tuition.


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