Why are CNA jobs not for the faint of heart? CNA careers are hard work, folks.  We can’t begin to tell you how many caregivers we talk with on a daily basis that elude to nursing and caregiving jobs as “easy” when pursuing a career…to later come back and say “hey, I was wrong…but I love what I do”.  Here’s the down low on why it isn’t a walk on easy street:

  1. Elderly people can be “crabby”.  Imagine losing everyone around you while also losing physical ability.  It’s easy to snap.  Patience and empathy are critical parts of the job.
  2. You’re surrounded by death and illness.  Part of caregiver or CNA duties include helping people that can’t always help themselves.  Bonds form, ailments get worse, and people die or get sicker.  It’s hard…very hard.
  3. You’re under constant pressure.  Although many caregiver and CNA jobs are fairly hands off, especially home care jobs, you’re under guidance of an RN.  And that RN is under guidance of someone.  When working in healthcare and dealing with such precious cargo – PEOPLE – there are a lot of eyeballs on the care you provide.  That’s what CNA nursing is all about.

So why do people choose this awesome career?  Here’s why:

  1. Reasons beyond a paycheck – you ENJOY helping to make a difference in the lives of others
  2. It’s a great start to a career in the medical field, particularly (very particularly) in nursing
  3. You’re sure to find a job and bring in a steady income. CNA pay is on the rise and there’s an impeding caregiver shortage
  4. It’s rewarding on an emotional level
  5. Job options – you can work from homes to hospitals to posh assisted living communities
  6. You’ll learn outside of the classroom.  The elderly and disabled population have so much to share – it’s inspiring.
To all caregivers, we salute you!


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