Six Step Caregiver Program

Caregiving programs change from client to client (and season to season)! However, there are a few fundamental caregiver and CNA duties that most all caregiver programs include. Here’s a quick six step caregiver program guide for those looking to understand the basics. For those more advanced, please add your tips for the community

Make your client comfortable: A home-like feeling goes a long way

Nothing is worse than being uncomfortable in an unfamiliar place. If you’re working with someone outside of their home, add a few home-like essentials like pictures, artwork, and even a favorite blanket.

Stay on top of specific medical needs 

A good caregiver knows the ins and outs of their clients’ medical routine. Most all caregiving programs include medical assistance from administering medication to ensuring one makes it to their doctor appointment on time.

Keep em’ clean & groomed (and happy)

Bathing is an essential, but often times it’s the little things that go a long way. Go the extra mile to add a splash of favorite perfume or lipstick.

Encourage healthy eating and exercise according to the docs plan

If the doc says eat more protein and drink more milk, than take the role of the biggest protein and milk cheerleader on the block. Many clients, especially seniors, won’t comply. Do your part to be a good support system.

Remember the numbers 

Many caregiving programs include keeping legal and financial information up-to-date.

Care for yourself and get caregiver support if you need it!

Ever hear the phrase, “Care for the Caregiver”? That’s rule number 1. Caring for yourself is critical, as it allows you to bring your A game. And, that’s at the heart of winning caregiving program for you and your client.

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