Nebraska Caregiver Training

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This week we focus on Nebraska Caregiver Training. Though it’s not necessary the most famous or memorable state (I personally, didn’t know where it was located until I looked it up on the map yesterday), Nebraska has caregiver training requirements that are just as important as all other states. Depending on your position, according to… Read more »

Helpful Tip For Your First Day At Your CNA Job

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No matter what the job, the first day can always a bit stressful. And when it comes to being a CNA, that statement rings true. For inexperienced Certified Nursing Assistants, there’s a lot to take in and a lot to figure out. Hopefully your CNA class prepared you well for your duties and tasks, but… Read more »

Choosing the Right CNA Class and Avoiding A Scam

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Before deciding to spend time and money on a CNA school, it’s important to know what you’ll be learning and doing during the CNA class to ensure it’s a good fit. The end goal is to prepare yourself to pass a CNA state exam and most importantly, become a good CNA in today’s growing workforce…. Read more »

CNA Classes – A quick tip guide

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Thinking of becoming a CNA and obtaining a CNA Certification? We’ve been getting a lot of questions about CNA classes over here at myCNAjobs recently so we thought we’d share with our broader community. How long is a CNA class? CNA class duration is dependent upon your specific program and state requirements. Most programs range from 80 to… Read more »

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