Nursing Scholarships for Military Community

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myCNAjobs is always striving to keep you in the loop with news about the caregiver and CNA job community. Recently the American Red Cross (ARC) announced an offer to military personnel and their family members to enroll in the ARC Nurse Assistant Training Program in Virginia, where they’d learn the skills necessary to become a… Read more »

Fact or Fiction: Free CNA Programs

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Everybody loves a freebie, but free CNA programs? It’s okay if you’re skeptical – it does sound too good to be true. But truth be told, there are options out there that will provide CNA training free of charge! This requires a bit of digging and it takes on different forms depending on the CNA… Read more »

myCNAjobs CNA Scholarship – Vlog Post #33

Posted by & filed under Caregiver Vlog, CNA School, Contest. If you’re looking at attending CNA School, I’ve got a hot tip for you! We’ve just announced a CNA scholarship program where we’re giving away multiple $250 nursing scholarships to help pay for CNA school The deadline for our January 2013 CNA scholarship is December 31st. To apply, submit a 200-400 word essay detailing… Read more »

myCNAjobs Nursing Scholarship Program for CNAs

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<< VIEW 2016 SCHOLARSHIP DETAILS HERE >>   2012-2015 Scholarship Details myCNAjobs is committed to supporting the education of up-and-coming certified nursing professionals in the United States. Our CNA scholarship program is for students currently pursuing a certified nursing assistant degree with plans to enroll within 60-days of the application deadline date.

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