Hello everyone! Patti here with wonderful news. DRM International Learning Center awarded two scholarships for their upcoming Certified Nursing Assistants training classes. The two myCNAjobs Scholarship recipients are Arionna S. and Melissa P. They will both be attending classes in August, How exciting right?

Arionna S. has been an HHA for nine years now and believes that a new career as a CNA will lead her to provide a better life for her and her family. As a caregiver Arionna is responsible for things such as feeding her patients, driving them to the doctor, and getting them dressed. Becoming a CNA will allow her to do a lot more for these patients. Arionna is a very hardworking woman and believes that as a CNA she will fulfil her dream of making a difference for patients and for herself.

Like Arionna, Melissa also works as an HHA. She has been in the healthcare industry for about ten years but she would like to “advance [her] career and earning potential”. By completing CNA training she will be able to provide complex and complete care which she believes would benefit both her and her clients. She was inspired to become a CNA due to a sickness within the family. She says that with a CNA certification she will be able to financially support the whole family. One day Melissa hopes to finish her Associate’s Degree and have a job as a CNA.

DRM International Learning Center is located in Lansing,MI and they partnered with myCNAjobs in early March to provide scholarships via the myCNAjobs Scholarship Fund. CNA class enrollment takes place throughout the year and nursing scholarship applicants are reviewed each week. DRM has been very supportive of the caregivers and the myCNAjobs scholarship program since they joined.

Everyone here at myCNAjobs is very excited for Arionna and Melissa to start their new journey. Good luck to the both of you!

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