We talk about caregiver burnout in these blogs pretty often. We say that things like unhealthy habits, lack of caregiver training, or grief can lead to it. But what does it mean for a caregiver to burnout? What are they symptoms of the sickness? Let’s take a look:

Caregiver burnout (definition):  the state of being emotionally, physically, and mentally exhausted to the point that it becomes difficult to do one’s job. It may also be accompanied by a severe change in overall behavior and attitude.

Caregiver burnout can happen when a caregiver doesn’t get the proper help or support with their job, and they feel they’re doing it alone. This can cause extreme amounts of stress and anxiety, that when they go undealt with, can lead to burnout.

How do I know if I’m experiencing caregiver burnout?

Burnout symptoms are oftentimes similar to symptoms of depression and stress. Some common symptoms include:

-Withdrawal from family and friends

-Irritability and feeling hopeless

-Change in weight/appetite

-Change in sleep patterns

-Emotional and physical exhaustion

If you’re experiencing symptoms like these from your caregiver job, you need to get help! Talk to a supervisor, seek help from a support group, or consult a professional. Take care of yourself and you’ll be more able to care for others!

Interested in learning more about caregiver burnout? Check out our blog that discusses how to prevent burnout from setting in: The ABCS of Preventing Caregiver Burnout

One Response to “What is Caregiver Burnout?”

  1. Marrylyn Likity

    I’ve felt like this. And so, I just wanted to know what are some solutions to this kind of predicament and how do we avoid it for both family & caregiver?

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